Saturday, August 28, 2010

A typical Saturday

We have just returned from our regular Saturday morning schedule. First stop is breakfast at McDonalds, where we enjoy some time to relax for about 30 minutes. Then we head over to the local Humane Society to cuddle a couple of the cats and check out the gift shop. In the photo above you can see the items that caught my eye over the past two visits. Today I found a set of recycled paper cards with colorful cat art which I thought would be perfect for sending a quick note to a friend. We also regularly visit a pet rescue place which sells a variety of great treats and other pet essentials for our cats and dogs.
We happened to see four kitties in one of the cat trees as we walked by one of the cat condos. It is always so cute to see them all cuddled in one spot even though there is plenty of room in each cat condo for them to run around. Even the large cats seem very content to curl up in these stainless steel bowls, with or without a blanket inside. We have not yet purchased a cat tree but have looked with interest at various ones on other blogs. Cat's Cats blog shows a recently added cat tree that looks very popular with the cats...and I think those cats at the Katnip Lounge have an incredible layout which would make any cat very happy! Hubby points out that we already have some choice high spots around the house...but I am so fascinated by these cat trees at the Humane Society that I would like to track down one of these. They are almost like a piece of art in their own right!


Katnip Lounge said...

Hi! If you are looking for a modern looking cat tree try the "Lotus" cat tree. We bought ours from The Refined Feline. They ARE expensive, but they are well made and gorgeous. Plus, the Cats love it.

MomKat Trish

Erin said...

That's funny - my husband and I were JUST checking out the Lotus Cat Tower. It is expensive - especially once you add in shipping to Canada.

Cat said...

I think the Lotus cat tree is beautiful, and had I known about it before I purchased my plain old carpeted cat tower I probably would have bought one.

However, I must say that the tower from Petsmart is a huge hit with my boys and they do hang out on it ALL THE TIME! Added benefit is that they can launch off the highest perch and land on top of the wardrobe which is across from the tower and this provides and even higher vantage point from which to survey the back garden or snooze.

Anonymous said...

Have you checked out My Cats Heaven?