Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another kitty finds a new home

I have not yet seen this sweetie in person but you can bet I will be off for a visit soon! Our friend recently lost her beloved cat due to an age related disease and she has found a new love at the local Humane Society. Decisions are always tough when there are so many darling cats to choose from - but this cat won my friend's heart very quickly. Although the heading refers to "kitty", this little girl is getting close to her first full year but is still filled with the joy and wonder of kittenhood.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Angel thinks he belongs on the coffee table

We learned a long time ago that our cats are like our teenagers - listening only when it suits them and practising the fine art of looking innocent when we tell them they shouldn't do ...x ..y and ...z. Angel has a habit of jumping onto the coffee table, looking around to see who is watching and then getting comfortable in anticipation of a longer term stay. I tell him to hop off the table, then I pat the couch indicating that he should come sit beside me ......and then I give up on the soft approach and simply pick him up. This scenario plays itself out on a regular basis - neither one of us giving up. This photo was taken right after he jumped up on the table - as you can see, he has that "Who, me?" look down pat!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Is This My Xmas Dinner?

Sebastian has a love of live plants - spider plants being his favorite in the wee hours of the morning. (How do we know this? Younger son is woken up frequently by a crunching sound way up on the top of his wardrobe. As soon as younger son gets up to investigate the sound, it stops - Sebastian waits motionless behind the plant until younger son is back in bed.)

We received a beautiful floral arrangement from one of our friends this Christmas and placed it on the dining room table. Not long after, we heard the thud of furry paws landing on the table. Within a few seconds Sebastian was sniffing around the base of the arrangment, looking for a tasty piece to crunch on!