Sunday, November 27, 2011

Super size the cat bed

On a regular basis, the bedroom of the cat whisperer son attracts the attention of the three short-haired kitties. Spike has no interest in this bedroom..probably because it is the undisputed domain of Sebastian who claims it and its human as his own. He will allow Angel and Sadie in on occasion..but as you can see the prime spot by the lap top belongs to Sebastian, who is usually curled up right beside youngest son's arms. In spite of Sadie's short legs she is able to jump up onto this bed (no such luck in our bedroom where the platform underneath is higher). Angel is a sucker for a warm comforter so he will take any bedroom that has a warm body in it, preferably with outstretched legs so he can get comfortable. (I will admit we kicked the boy out of bed while hubby took this photo!) Often youngest son is working on his laptop with Sebastian keeping him company, when the other two sneak into the room and find themselves a spot to curl up on at the end of the bed.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Praying for more food?

If it is food..or a new cat can bet Spike will be first in line! Hubby was at the dollar store this morning, picking up some spare dog booties for the woofies (there are several centimeters of snow on the ground and the snow packs into the woofie paw pads if they don't have booties on). While he was looking around the store, he saw a fleece pad that looked just right for tucking in one of the many cat tents dotted around the house. As with many items that come in our house, the fleece pad was left on a "temporary" spot, waiting for someone to put it where it belonged.

A few hours later I came into the kitchen and found Spike with his front paws up on the fleece pad, looking like he was praying. I figured if the prayer was for food, he would be in luck since the pad was sitting on a case of cat food!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Another New Nest

We were shopping in Winners on Friday when we saw an interesting cat "tent". We were trolling the pet aisle and saw an oddly shaped pillow-like item stuffed into the shelf. When we pulled it out we saw it was actually a cat bed shaped like a tent. There was a small square cushion attached that goes into the base and helps the tent keep it shape. Discussion in the car on the way home...."Which cat will be in here first?". I was firmly convinced it would be Spike, but hubby thought Angel might be the one who would lay first claim. Well...yes and no. Angel was quick on the draw as soon as the tent came in the door...busy sniffing around and in the front. But he wasn't brave enough to actually go in. So the tent sat on the floor..waiting and waiting for the first official occupant. And no surprise here...hubby's camera caught Spike checking out the inside from the inside!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Halloween Treats

Halloween is quite routine for us these days now that we don't have to take the kids out ..or wait for them to finish their rounds. We buy 2 boxes of chips and several cases of drinks - knowing that none of the leftovers ever go to waste!

This was a point halfway through the evening when almost 30 trick or treaters had come by..and we had finished our quality control procedures (i.e. tasting a few sample bags of chips to make sure everything was OK!) I moved the empty box into the living room and within 5 minutes the first furry found his way in. Not long after that the nest napper decided it was his turn and as soon as Angel jumped out, Spike jumped in.