Saturday, September 24, 2011

Anniversary Bouquet

This past week I celebrated an anniversary at work and instead of receiving flowers or chocolates, I had the pleasure of receiving a cookie bouquet, especially personalized for me. My good friend knows my love for my four footed family members and she arranged with a local bakery to pull off photos from the blog and put them on large cookies (very tasty ones!)

I carefully brought them home and put them on the kitchen counter for hubby to take a photo. Less than five minutes after they were left unattended on the counter, I heard the sounds of plastic being crunched. Coming back into the kitchen I found Angel perched at the edge of the counter, busy trying to chew a hole in the plastic cover to get at the cookie. The evidence of this is shown in the last photo you see!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

curious Angel

Angel often walks across the end table when he is on his way to the green cat bed by the door...or looking for a warm lap to curl up in, if someone is in the living room watching TV. Every once in awhile, in mid transit, he stops and looks up as if there is something interesting in the air. As long as it isn't a wasp that has slipped in, then we don't take any notice of what he is looking at. If it is a small flying insect, then sooner or later one of the felines will have it as a tiny snack. If it is something else that I can't see...then I probably don't want to know!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Almost a year now

It is almost the first anniversary for Sadie's Gotcha time to post a few recent photos. She has picked up a few of Spike's habits in her time here ....taking over a recently vacated warm seat, claiming back part of the woofie territory and keeping watch at the front window with a woofie just beside.

In the first photo, it had been a cold morning (air conditioning in the house) so I grabbed a warm blanket to throw over the back of my chair. I went to get coffee and brekkie, and came back to a curled up, contented cat in my seat. Nest nappers come in various sizes and shapes around here!

In the second photo, Sadie has decided that she was going to make herself comfortable on the small carpet we bought for the dogs. Usually there is a woofie curled up on the carpet but this day it must have been empty long enough for Sadie to find a comfortable spot and fall asleep. This always surprises me because the smell of several woofies must be thoroughly blended into the carpet and I can't imagine that being appealing to any cat.

In the last photo, hubby and I came home to find two plaintive faces pressed up against the front window, waiting patiently for us to return from shopping. Usually Spike grabs the front window and will hip check any cat in the way but I reckon he must have been sleeping at this time.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

New cat attraction

Why is Spike looking out of the front window so intently, totally oblivious to the sleeping dog at his left?

It is the most recent "cat attraction" set up by hubby in the front yard (who knew dogs would be equally interested in the visitors to the bird feeder?) This is a large bird feeder (almost 5 feet in height) that we found at Costco. After filling up the feeder with a wide mix of different seeds, we have seen a steady procession of birds, squirrels and rabbits (the latter eat the seeds that the birds kick off in their frenzy to get to their favorite seeds). This is an ongoing scene that seems to catch the attention of all the four footed furries in our house!