Friday, December 25, 2009

A Recycled Xmas Gift

Two years ago this December we received the wonderful gift of a new furry family member ("wrapped" in a laundry basket, delivered to our front door). Spike has decided to re-gift himself this year! We put up a small Christmas tree in our living room each year and this year we decided to decorate it with small straw ornaments. Spike is the one cat that plays happily with anything that even remotely resembles a toy so we kept a close eye on him when the ornaments were put on the tree. Fortunately he had no interest in anything on the tree, other than a quick sniff to see what was hanging beside his favorite blanket. He is definitely a "gift" that keeps giving and we are so grateful to be able to give him a home where he is truly a part of the family.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Sebastion relaxing on top of our bookcase

There are only a few inches between Sebastian's head and the ceiling in the family room - but this is one of his "safe" places. Although he is very comfortable in younger son's room, likely due to the "imprinting" when he spent his first week there under quarantine, he is typically wary about where to lie down when he is downstairs with the rest of the family. Usually, he will come to eat his meals when he hears the sound of cans being opened and then he will head back upstairs to the relative safety of the second floor. If we open the kitchen window, he is captivated by the allure of the outdoor scent and will gladly stay by the window until we get too cold with it being open (usually around -15 to -20 degrees at this time of the year so it doesn't stay open long!). Every once in awhile, he decides to honour us with more of his time and he jumps effortlessly up to the top of the bookcase, to rest for a short time. At the beginning, his eyes would quickly open whenever he heard anyone come by, but he has come to realize that no one is interested in hauling him down from his resting place. He will stretch out and then close his eyes, looking quite peaceful. He is getting more comfortable with us, even to the point of occasionally sitting in Papa Bear's computer chair - of course, when Papa Bear has just left it nice and warm!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Sleeping Beauty (in the eye of the beholder)

As you know from earlier posts, our fluff cat loves to sleep ...anywhere..anytime...and as you can see, in any position! Although he looks like he is awake in the first photo, he really is sleeping soundly. We have built a sleeping spot for him by the couch and covered it with a large soft blanket. It is high enough that he can look over most of the furniture in the room and it faces the front door so if he needs to just relax and watch what is going on, he is in a prime location. In the evening, when we are watching TV, we'll often hear a little soft snore to the back of us and will find Spike curled up in blissful sleep.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Spike Sneaks off with a new toy

We were just getting supper ready when we heard the sound of Spike running back and forth in the hallway. As we looked around the corner we saw him quickly turn away from us and head off to the foot of the stairs to chew on whatever he had in his mouth. Closer inspection showed that he had taken off with a thin decorative strip of leather that was originally attached to the new blouse I just bought. I had taken it off because I didn't really like it and I had placed it on the dresser. Apparently Spike liked it better than I did and he decided it was his new toy for the evening.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Farm Cat

My friend sent me photos of this darling little cat she refers to as her "farm cat". Coincidentally, it is also named "Angel", although my friend said that "Devil" might be more appropriate! As you can see by this progression of photos Angel has found something quite interesting. There is a branch above her that she has decided to jump up and grab. She was successful in her first attempt - but unfortunately moved too quickly for my friend to get a clear photo.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Trick or treat, anyone? The cats decided to help us hand out Halloween treats this year - but their participation was limited to watching all the Trick or Treaters at the door. We bought three large boxes of chips and as soon as we started to get them staged at the side of the door, Spike decided to try and get in one of the boxes. So we quickly changed tactics and put a selection in a small bin that Spike could not climb into. Angel jumped onto the table by the door (his usual waiting place whenever there is any activity in the foyer) and as a couple of the drink cans started to teeter we realized we would have to fill the table completely to block Angel in any attempt to re-establish his spot on the table. Sebastian had no interest in any treats - but he thought he had a good trick up his sleeve by sneaking under the chair by the front door, hoping to make a quick escape when we opened the door. We let him stay long enough to get a quick photo, then we scooted him back into the living room.

The one cat you won't see in the photo is the new black "cat". We found a great black cat with flashing red eyes at the local store and decided he would make a good Halloween cat just outside our front door. When we brought him home mid week, we simply put him on a shelf and didn't think there would be any interest on the part of our real cats. Not so! They each took turns sniffing at the black cat and then Spike thought he'd take a swipe or two. After hearing Sebastian growl we realized we'd have to put the black cat in the cupboard until we were ready to put him outside.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

We Three Kings Together

We had set up the dining room window seats over a year ago in the hope that all 3 cats would enjoy the sights and each other's company. This is the first time we have ever seen them up here together - we typically see at most two, and usually only one at a time.

The open window on the right is the real draw - they can smell the fresh air and hear the birds clearly. Sebastian is sitting on the right side chair, with his eyes on the fat grey squirrel helping itself to the fallen sunflowere seeds. Sebastian takes to fresh air like a chocoholic in a candy factory - his little nose twitches and he stares intently at every movement outside. He is always on the wait by the front door when we return home and he is the first up to the kitchen window when we get up in the morning. Spike lays claim to the front window and will tolerate acat beside him. However when either Sebastian or Angel has already grabbed an open spot, they will run away immediately when they see Spike bearing down on them (after all, Spike's size and weight advantage does look really intimidating even though he means no harm).

Friday, October 16, 2009

Come here little birdie

The other day, we were at the Costco cash register, hauling up a large bag of bird seed onto the counter. The lady in front of us turned around and said we must be bird lovers. I answered: "cat lovers". She looked at me with a puzzled look but didn't bite.

We actually do like birds and have a wide variety stopping by for regular feedings. But the main reason we buy bird seed is to provide our cats with hours of endless entertainment at any of the 5 windows on our main floor that offer a view of the yard. Spike is at the front window and has just spied a bird outside. His paw is up to catch the bird's attention. I'm sure he is constantly puzzled why he can't just reach through the window and get his paw on any of the feather interlopers. He really gets excited when the birds come right up to the window - and I'm sure if he could, he would be very pleased to play with a new "toy".

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sebastian and his brush tail

Papa Bear has been waiting to get a photo of Sebastian and his brush tail for a few weeks now. Although Sebastian is a nervous cat at some times, he rarely gets upset enough that his tail fluffs out. The first time we saw this we were quite amazed at how thick his tail really is. Every once in a while a neighbour cat sneaks through our yard and in its journey it will stop to have a look at whichever cat is sitting by our window. Spike and Angel simply watch with interest - but do not show any signs of concern. Sebastian, on the other hand, clearly now sees our house and yard as his territory and is very annoyed when any other cat dares to invade. As soon as he sees the intruder cat he will run back and forth from window to window in a very agitated manner. His tails fluffs to full force at first sight and doesn't settle back down until the other cat has left our yard.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

A quiet day...and a quiet cat

Sebastian snoozing by the dining room window basically sums up the week for the furry boys. This past weekend, younger son was taking care of the cats while we were off to see eldest daughter. When we returned, we expected to be greeted by furry little faces, showing joy at our return. Not so. Slowly each of them appeared by the door as we were bringing in the luggage - they looked, they yawned and they disappeared. Every time we looked around for a kitty, we would find them sleeping somewhere - on the couch, on the chair, under the table, on the bed.
Yesterday, we found Sebastian curled up fast asleep. Usually he is sitting on one of the chairs that flanks this bed, with his nose pressed against the window but still remaining vigilant for people coming up behind him. It was a surprise to see him in such a relaxed state, not even twitching an ear when his photo was taken. He is becoming more comfortable as time goes by and we hope he really feels this is his home now.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cats in the Cradle

We brought the cradle out of storage for our grand daughter to use last year and were just getting ready to pack it away when we found this little tableau. Eldest daughter always teases us that as each kid moved out, we brought in a cat as a replacement. If she sees this photo she will believe this is what has happened! We bought this cradle when eldest son showed up and it has been used for both of our boys. Now we have 2 of our furry boys enjoying this resting place.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Sebastian resting...or waiting to pounce?

Sebastian has an unusual habit of stretching out across one of the stairs wth his head and front paws hanging out into the hallway. He is always careful to choose one of the higher stairs so there is some distance between him and any person/cat who is downstairs. It looks like he is resting ...but his legs are always ready to help him dash away. Mama Bear thought she would be clever and sneak up the stairs to give Sebastian a quick pat on the head while Papa Bear was at the top of the stairs getting ready to head down. After all ... Sebastian had to choose going up or down so one of us would claim a furry prize. But not so. With a fluid motion, Sebastian slid through the railing opening and jumped right down into the hallway. He is extremely agile and often jumps up to one of the higher stairs, through the opening in the railing, right from the main floor. One time younger son had thrown Sebastian's toy lion up the stairs whike Sebastian was walking towards the kitchen and as soon as the toy hit the middle step, Sebastian had already jumped underneath the railing, almost right on his toy. Fortunately, when he is waiting to pounce - it is on a toy and not on an unsuspecting cat or human.

And on that you remember the sweet innocent face in last week's photo (Spike)? By 2:30 AM he was no longer a sweet cat. We heard the sound of a cat squabble and found Spike chasing Sebastian. Not to worry - Sebastian can out race anything or anyone in the house. Then, less than half an hour later, we heard another round of squabbling, claws on wood, hissing..,,then there was a heavy thump on the bed as Angel jumped up, looking for refuge. Then...finally..peace for the rest of the night!

Friday, September 11, 2009

8 legs are better than 4

New cat toys come into the house on a regular basis. It is so tempting to pick up just one more when we see a new toy on the shelf. Unfortunately many of those toys are played with once or twice while they are still novel - and then they gather dust in an unreachable corner or are hidden under the couch. This toy seemed like it would provide hours of fun and exercise (or so the packaging said!) It has some catnip so this was a good start. It has soft microfiber "skin" and four crinkly legs. Each cat played with it one or two times and then left it alone. We popped it back in the cat toy box and didn't give it a thought until this week. Papa Bear heard the sound of the crinkly material being scrunched and turned around to see Spike chewing away at the catnip scented head while he tried to hold the legs down in place. Spike can't hear the sound of the crinkly material but must find some joy in trying to control the movement of legs, which seem to go every which way when the toy is moved.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Room for two..and more...

Now and then two of the three cats will sleep in relatively close proximity to each other. They are all very independent and do not see any reason to cuddle up to a non human but they will tolerate one of their "brothers" in the same area as long as individual personal space is not compromised. Usually Angel sleeps on this bed at night (he sleeps by Mama Bear's feet and occasionally is "helped" off the bed when Mama bear stretches out!) and he will take a cat nap during the day time. Sebastian will sneak in when no one is around and settle in by the head board. This was one of those rare times when both cats are on the bed and seem to be content with each other's company.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Touch that ... and I bite you!

Angel has been playing "Jekyll and Hyde" these past few weeks. He will gladly cuddle in someone's lap. purring softly and looking up with those loving eyes of his. Then he will walk over to his chair and give us that "watch out" glare when anyone gets close. Papa Bear sat beside him last night and reached out to give Angel a skritch behind the ear. As his hand came close, Angel turned his head, opened his mouth and briefly gripped Papa Bear's hand with his teeth. No skin is ever broken - but Angel makes it clear that anyone who invades his personal space around the chair will be sorry they even thought about it. This shot shows he is already turning his ears back and giving the "watch out" glare, in preparation for a little bite!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Picture Perfect

This darling face is a far cry from the scruffy frost bitten cat with cracked paw pads we saw cowering in the back of the cage at the Humane Society. At that time he was still quite grimy from his several months of "freedom" on the street and actually looked like he did have gray patches of fur. A year and a half later his fur is shiny, his paw pads are back to a beautiful rosy color and he is a glorious white color all over. He is still nervous when he hears any loud sounds but he will sit still for a photo now and again.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Scratches on the floor? Who, me?

A few years back, Papa Bear worked late into the wee hours of the Xmas holidays to put down a hardwood floor in the living room. A few months after Spike arrived in the house (coincidentally also during the Xmas holidays .. but a couple of years after the floor) we started to see little scratches on the floor by the window. These were pointed out to Papa Bear (in the context of "look what your cat is doing!") but he was insistent that the scratches must have come from one of the boys pushing the chair back and then dragging it forward again. It wasn't long before the mystery was revealed. Every time a squirrel or rabbit walked by the front window, Spike would desperately try to run after them. We would hear a loud scratching sound and when we looked down we saw the back legs going like crazy, with those solid claws digging into the wood floor. Once the excitement is over Spike climbs onto the wood stand and looks like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth. "Those scratches on the floor - who, me???

Friday, August 7, 2009

Spike Behaving

Our definition of "Spike behaving" is basically anything he is doing that does not involve chasing either of the other two cats or pushing them out of the way so that he can eat their food/look out the window/play with a toy. This time he had jumped up onto the mid height bookshelf and was looking intently at something above Papa Bear's head. Spike's ears stand up and face forward when he shows interest in anything. He likely pays more attention to air movements than the other two, due to his deafness and he really doesn't like having his ears touched. Spike's ears are very firm to the touch and are quite large, in keeping with his overall build. The other two cats have nice soft ears and will gladly sit while we scratch or rub an ear or two.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Relaxing...and watching...

Spike has taken over Angel's customary resting place by the front door. Usually this blanket is reserved for Angel - and the other two cats have no interest in sitting here. But Spike has decided to see what it is like to sit here...and when Spike decides he is going to sit down, the other two have learned to move out of his way. Spike established his dominance quickly after joining the household. He can't hear the other two when they hiss or growl at him, so he just keeps on doing whatever he has started. His size can be a little intimidating and he has a habit of rising up with his front paws hanging in the air. He has great balance when he stands on his back legs and almost looks like a giant meerkat! He will come running over to one of the windows when he thinks there is something outside of interest and if another cat is in the prime spot by the window, Spike will just push right in beside. So we typically see Spike running eagerly to a window...and an annoyed cat (Angel or Sebastian) vacating the spot shortly after!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Fergie really wants to get out!

Some readers might recognize the photo of an inquisitive Fergie putting her head between the blinds so she can see better. She is now trying to get even further out - climbing completely through the blinds and finding her footing on the narrow window ledge. Still no luck - the window is shut tight! The little arm on the left is ready just in case Fergie slips and needs to be steadied.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Almost as cute as cats!

Although these aren't cats, they are still quite cute and furry ..and just as inquisitive as most cats. Papa Bear was down by the river when he saw a furry little face pop out of an opening underneath a concrete block. When he went to grab his camera, the little face disappeared quickly. He waited patiently...and then saw the face reappear. Puzzling though - because it looked slightly different than when he saw it a few minutes before. Sure enough, as soon as he moved to take a shot (photo, that is!) the face disappeared again. Papa Bear was even more determined to get a photo and continued to wait by the hole. All of a sudden, two little faces popped into view. The one on the right is slightly smaller so is likely the female of the pair. In case you are wondering what these are (as we were) it turns out they are groundhogs. Guess that means six more weeks of summer!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Neck warmer on duty

Fergie is waiting patiently for someone to sit down in the chair so she can curl up and be a most helpful neck warmer! This photo was also entered in the "match the pet photo with the owner" contest at work. Fergie's family lives in Ontario so we thought this would make it tough for all the co-workers attempting to make the match - since it is unlikely anyone would have had the opportunity to visit Fergie's home. What we didn't notice - the work binders on the shelf that quickly gave away the identity of Fergie's owner!

Friday, July 3, 2009

One cool cat!

In June we had a contest at work where the pet photos were posted on the wall and people had to match up the pet with the owner. The owners of this gorgeous cat live in Montreal and he probably looks familiar to you if you have been reading the blog - yes...Romeo has already had two appearances with many more expected! This photo is one of my favorites since he looks like he is relaxing and enjoying the warm sun. A co-worker trying to make a successful match in the contest determined that this photo had to be in Montreal due to the high sidewalks. After laughing a little, we let him know that this was not a street sidewalk!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

'bin shopping

Saturdays are usually shopping days, including lots of recyclable shopping bags and occasionally one reluctant younger son who comes along to help with the heavy lifting (for example, those heavy boxes of cat litter and big bags of kitty kibble). Today, younger son was pressed into duty for exactly that. He was busy hauling in groceries while Mama Bear was putting everything away.... then he called out for help with one particular shopping bag. One of the just emptied bags in the hallway was starting to move ..and then a furry head popped out. Papa Bear headed off for the camera and came back to find Spike settled quite comfortably in his new resting spot. All sales final on this product!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The "old one" still has some play left in him!

Angel is getting older and doesn't usually join the younger two cats when they are playing. He will chase a catnip toy for a few minutes but once he has chewed on a few times, he loses interest. This little catnip mouse, that can barely be seen, was clutched in his little paws the other day. He kept this toy in play for quite some time and by the time he released it it looked very much the worse for wear, with bite marks and saliva all over. When we rescued what was left of it, there wasn't anything left for the other two cats to play with.

Friday, June 12, 2009

A new toy for Spike

Someone said to me this week that I didn't look like one of those people who would buy fuzzy toys for their cats. I replied that the toys I buy usually aren't fluffy initially, but after Spike has played with them and covered them in "floof", then we suddenly have fuzzy toys! Most times, the thrill of the new toy disappears quickly and we have a growing pile of cat toys tucked away in the corner, forlornly looking for someone to play with them.

This cat tunnel, purchased last Saturday, seems to be holding Spike's attention. He regularly goes flying through the tunnel a few times and then settles inside for several minutes, occasionally swatting at the hanging ball in either end. Last night, it was totally quiet in the house (everyone was in bed except for me) and I was busy working on the laptop. All of a sudden I saw two white ears pop out of one of the holes in the side of the tunnel. I hadn't realized that Spike had been sitting quietly in the tunnel while I had been working.

Papa Bear was on cat watch for the day shift and came into the living room to find Spike tucked inside the tunnel. Fortunately he was able to get a quick photo off before Spike moved back into chase mode.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Spike finds yet another sleeping spot

We had just finished washing and drying several blankets and had temporarily placed them on a box in the living room before heading upstairs to put them away. All it took was 10 minutes out of the room - and we returned to find a sleeping furry snuggled into the blankets. No wonder the washng never gets finished around here!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Angel's Chair

Early on, Angel adopted this chair for his own. He would jump up, turn around and then sit down facing out so he could see everybody. Then he found other "cat" places that were even more desirable and the chair sat empty for several years. A few months ago, we brought up a soft white blanket from the dryer and placed it on the chair, intending to take it upstairs and put it away in the linen closet. Angel made a beeline for the chair and quickly curled up on the blanket. Ever since, he sleeps on the chair every evening and usually through most of the night. Oddly enough, neither Spike nor Sebastian sit on this chair - although they are quick to share the other choice sleeping areas. We had planned on moving this chair into the dining room but Angel looks so content when he sleeps there that we don't have the heart to do so. Often he pushes his head into the blanket so that all we see is the top part of his head. Every once in a while he looks over with those penetrating green eyes of his - and then tucks himself back into a furry white ball... almost indistinguishable from the matching white blanket.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Yummy! Give me more.....

You would expect that all of our cats would enjoy any of the multitude of cat treats available. We have a cookie jar full of different foil packages of treats that we haul out on occasion for one or all of the three furry boys. However, we do have to remember the appropriate brand/flavour that each cat likes since each one has distinct preferences. Of the three cats, Angel is probably the least fussy - and we know it isn't from lack of regular cat food! In this photo, he has just finished a handful of treats and is intent on getting every last crumb back into his mouth. If only he had the same attitude with the crumbs that wind up on our floor....then Mama Bear wouldn't have to pull out the handvac after every treat session.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fergie finishes playing and puts away her toy

Fergie has decided to call it a day and is putting away her toy balloon. Earlier in the day, she brought the balloon out from the bedroom and played with it for awhile. When she decided she was done, she grabbed the string with her teeth and started to head back to the bedroom. Fortunately, my friend was able to quickly grab her camera and get these great shots. Along with the emailed photos, she added: "Pretty cool that we have 'trained' the cat to clean up after itself. Now if I could just get the child and the husband on the same training program we would be set!!"
Somehow, I think there are several of us out there identifying with that last sentence!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Spike resting between naps

Spike has many sleeping areas in various parts of the house and spends much of his day tucked away in one of these spots. As he leaves one cosy little bed he will often walk through the living room and stretch out on the floor for a few minutes. He is the largest cat in the household and has enough fur to keep him warm on the coldest nights. One of his tufted paws alone could hold down one of the other cats if they dared come near his food dish!

Spike's "human" is definitely Papa Bear. He follows Papa Bear around during the day and will flop down on the floor wherever Papa Bear is working. On the other hand, he tolerates Mama Bear and gives an occasional purr just to let her know he appreciates the treats she sneaks him when Papa Bear isn't watching!

Rascal has a new home

Good news...Rascal has a new home! He is joining a family with a three year old boy and a dog so this will be quite a change for him. On his way to his new home, he meowed as if to ask what was going on...and the little boy told him: "Don't cry, Rascal. I have your toys in my pocket." A good start to Rascal's new life - his own special "human" to love him.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Wearing of the Green

A walk down memory lane for Angel.....

When he first came to stay with us we would take him out to the garden for a few minutes - of course, with close supervision to ensure he didn't sneak off. He had two favorite spots - one was in the cat mint (which is now brought inside for the "boys") and the other was in the midst of the Bishop's Goutweed at the side of the house. This is Mama Bear's favorite photo of Angel and sits on the bookshelf by her bed. Angel's green eyes really stand out here against the green/white foliage.

These days Angel stays inside. He lost his outdoor privileges about two years ago when he slipped out the front door and decided he wasn't coming back inside. When Mama Bear bent down to pick him up, he hissed and growled. So younger son was sent out to bring in Angel. No luck here - as soon as younger son reached down, Angel showed him quickly that cat teeth can really hurt when they are sunk into a hand. That was also the end of any other willing volunteers to bring in Angel. Mama Bear had to go back into the house and get the oven mitts for protection before attempting to "recapture" Angel. Fortunately the mitts were heavy enough to withstand the onslaught of bites as Angel made it clear he wanted to stay outside. Once he was back safe inside, the bad attitude quickly disappeared - but so did Mama Bear's willingness to let him outside again.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Fergie wants out

Fergie is an inside cat - but that doesn't stop her from wanting to go outside and explore. She knows there is something exciting on the other side of the window (not just her reflection!) and she figures if she can just get her head throught the blinds, maybe there is an escape route handy.
However, if you look carefully, you will see there is still snow on the ground (even though Fergie lives in a warmer climate than our furry boys) - so I don't expect she would really want to stay out there for long!

Friday, May 1, 2009


Papa Bear was busy one morning, creating documents on the PC and printing copies. After a few hours of work, it was time to take a break and watch the news. On his return, he found Spike curled on the still warm printer, fast asleep with his nose resting on the red cancel button.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Romeo and his pet goldfish

Our friends have a very unusual cat - he has a pet of his own. Yes - that is a live goldfish in the bowl and he is perfectly safe swimming around underneath Romeo's wet tongue. Every day Romeo jumps on the table for a quick drink - but he never reaches in for a tasty little fish snack. If this goldfish bowl was on our table, we would only see a flash of orange as he disappeared into the mouth of one of our cats!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Sebastian sleeping after a hard day's run

It is very unusual to see Sebastian sleeping out in the main area of the house, especially when he is being photographed. He also doesn't seem to take to any cat beds/tents, rather he prefers to snooze (snooze lightly, that is) upstairs tucked away in the guest bedroom, head towards the door. When he first joined the household, we purchased a large cat bed and put it in younger son's room. Sebastian tried it once or twice but decided that younger son's bed was more to his liking. Then we bought a cat tent...and then another..but the most we saw Sebastion do was sniff at the front of the tent or attempt to chase another cat into one of the tents. Then we saw these cat beds and bought three of them, hoping each cat would lay claim to one apiece. Spike loves to sleep in any one of these - but has spent most of his downstairs time tucked away in the cat bed under the side table. This one was moved to the base of a table by the front door - and Papa Bear was very surprised to come out today to find Sebastian fast asleep. Usually when Sebastian hears anyone approach he runs off at high speed. Then, once he is at a safe distance, he turns around to see what is going on. This happens most of the day and as a result he remains the most athletic cat in the house. (Perhaps Mama Bear and Papa Bear could look at doing some running themselves!) So Papa Bear fully expected that as soon as he brought out the camera, he would only see a flash of white tail headed down the hall. Surprisingly, he was able to take this photo without a movement of fur in any direction - and it was a treat to see a relaxed Sebastian!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Looking for a new home in Manitoba

These are two beautiful and loving cats who have lived together for 9 years (brother and sister) and now they are looking for a new home due to allergies. If we were able to take them in we would gladly do so but have already have a full house with our three furry boys. If you live in Manitoba and have room in your heart and home for two wonderful new family members, please contact my good friend at the email address below.

(PS: neutered/spayed and declawed)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Cat Tale

Each cat in our family has a distinctive tail. The fluff cat has a long plume of fur and he walks proudly, waving his tail in the air. When he is being held in someone's arms and is not happy, he sweeps his tail back and forth like a big feather duster wiping a bookcase. Sebastian appears to have a normal tail until something scares him - then it turns into a thick bristle brush of a tail at the turn of a dime. We aren't sure what frightens him - since all we see is a cat running by us heading to the safety of younger son's room. When he is in his relaxed mode, his tail still doesn't settle down - he walks with his tailed curled like a question mark. In fact, this is the way we can tell the difference between Sebastian and Angel at a distance. They both have the same body type and length of fur - and even their heads are similar in size and shape. However, when Angel walks by, his tail is usually held parallel to the ground and we can quickly tell which one is up and about.
But Angel has an unusual characteristic that has earned him the nickname "hook tail". Whenever he is sitting on a shlef, table or cupboard, his tail curls up to create a hook at the end. In this photo, his tail actually has curled right underneath the table. We tried to unhook him but as soon as we stopped, his tail went right back into the curled shape you see here.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring is in the Air

April usually means melted snow and chirping birds ... but this year the snow continues to blanket the back yard even into the second week of April. It was a little warmer today so we opened the dining room window for some fresh air. Within two minutes, these two had sniffed out the fresh air and climbed up for a closer look. rabbits..and no squirrels in sight!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Playing Dead

Have you ever had that sinking feeling that something was wrong with your cat? I don't know why I worry about our furry boys - they are all young (at least, two of them are) and quite healthy. But every once in awhile I just have that brief moment when I have to look twice to make sure all is well. Spike never runs out of new ways to show us how to sleep - and this one certainly made me stop in my tracks as I walked by. He looked extremely uncomfortable but wasn't moving a single muscle. I had a closer look and saw his tummy moving ever so slightly so I knw he was OK. SO then it was time to madly hunt down a camera to get a photo. Papa Bear hauled out his trusty Sony camera and took several shots. We thought Spike would realize he was the centre of attention but he kept sleeping soundly through all of the flashes - and not even a twitch when Papa Bear came in for a close-up.