Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sebastian - ever watchful

There is a theme related to our leather chairs and couch .....they are all covered with throws designed to keep nasty cat claws from scratching up the leather. This is my chair, just inside the front door and with a prime view out of the front window.  The small rectangle of pink to the right is actually the edge of a yoga mat we have in front of the window for Dakota, the eldest dog.  She loves to sit by the front window but she cannot get up by herself on the wood floor so needs the yoga mat for traction. And if she is by the window, it is very unlikely that any cat will venture too close.

Sebastian has ventured onto my chair but he is very aware that there is a grouchy old dog just down below.   He wants to look out the window but he also wants to be in a position to make a quick getaway, hence the orientation of his front paws.

Below....what Sebastian can see from his vantage point and why he stays well out of reach!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Spike..Cat or Dog?

Spike's size probably enables him to be more confident around the dogs and he doesn't willingly give up a sleeping spot.  He will long as he has established his space first ..and the dog is willing to leave some personal space between. Spike has found that the back of the couch is a good fit for a rather large kitty ...and is not perturbed that Seumas and Sophie also find the couch appealing for a quick nap.

It almost looks like Spike is trying to poke Sophie but he is simply stretching out his big paw.

Seumas loves to sneak up to the back of the couch...regardless of whether any human or animal is around. He can sleep soundly here until he hears the sound of a treat bag opening!  He had opened one sleepy eye here to look at Spike but with nothing else going on to catch his attention, he went back to sleep very quickly.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Another Strange Place to Sleep

I was just filing some photos from last year when I came across this one of Sadie crammed into my leather basket.  I use it to keep the spare blankets in and it really isn't very large.  I didn't even realize she was in there at first and must have walked by the basket a few times before I caught a glimpse of white fur out of the corner of my eye. I am really surprised she didn't tip it over when she was crawling in since it is sitting precariously on the edge of the coffee table.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Angel and Sebastian Getting Settled in the Living Room

Angel is very comfortable finding himself a spot in the living room, even if he does get rousted out occasionally by Spike.  One of his favorite areas is the cat cushion on the coffee table (we now enjoy our coffee on the side tables!) although a few times he has landed the wrong way and the cushion has almost skidded off the table.  We never intended for this to be a permanent location for the cat cushion but left it there one day and within an hour we found Angel curled up in it.  " cute"...I said and left the cushion there for a few more days. Then...the days turned into a month ....with at least three of our cats laying claim to it at various times. So I just gave in and left it there.

Sebastian has decided he likes the leather footstools we now have stacked beside the coffee table.  He will come out later at night when the dogs are asleep and sit there for a short amount of time. The other night he was perched upon one of the stools when Angel jumped up on the table.  After a quick look to make sure it was a cat and not a dog, Sebastian turned his gaze back towards the front window.  He has an unobstructed view from a safe distance (as long as there are no dogs sitting by the window) so is becoming a regular visitor.  

At the moment the balance has shifted and there is a ratio of 3 dogs to 1 cat in the living room. The 1 cat is Spike, sitting on that same cushion, busy cleaning those big paws of his. I heard some scuffling in the hallway so I expect that Sadie has crawled into some small hiding space to sleep in peace. A nice, peaceful background while I sit here with my tea!

Sunday, February 2, 2014


Before and after does not take long before a photo opportunity changes quickly to another view.

Before (awake) :
After (asleep):

Before  (Sadie and Angel):
After (Sadie and Spike):

I am fascinated by the attraction of this chair.  Right now I see Angel's green eyes looking at me as he sits on the red cushion facing me.  I expect it will not be long before Spike decides it is time to move back in (yes...a true poacher of pre-warmed spaces).  The only cat who has not curled up on any part of the chair is Sebastian..probably because he cannot easily launch himself at a moment's notice from the soft innards of the chair.