Monday, September 22, 2014

Cat TV

Usually the cats have no interest in what show is on TV and simply walk straight past...or sneak by very quickly if there is a dog on one of the three dog beds. However, this one time we saw Sadie stop and turn towards the TV.  Being deaf, it certainly wasn't the sound that attracted her she must have seen something which caught her interest enough to watch for few minutes.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Leg Warmers

Last week hubby posted a photo on facebook labelled "leg warmers".  Probably a welcome warmth in winter but a bit hot in summer.  Sadie on the left (I recognize those "space ears"!) and Angel on the right.  Seumas is on the floor,wondering why this is worth taking a photo of!

Often, one of these kitties will climb up onto hubby's lap or sit on the arm of the chair beside him.  If I didn't know better, I would think it was due to the prime TV viewing that the occupant of this chair enjoys.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Molly joins the family

On July 31st, we added a new member to our family.  Due to an unfortunate circumstances in Molly's first home, she was looking for a new forever home. We had a large hole in our hearts from the loss of two beloved dogs within the past 14 months so we were very happy to have the opportunity to love another sweet girl. Molly, who is almost a year old, has fit in well with our family.  She loves to tussle with older "brother" Seumas and she has quickly recognized that the cats are not little sheep to be herded. Sometimes she does follow them when they walk around the living room but most times she is content to simply sit beside them.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Cat Tray #2


I do so enjoy visiting Winners and Home Sense!  I went to Winners the other day to pick up a decorative birdhouse for the garden  and saw this tray. It has a heavy wood base with iron handles and looked like it would hold the weight of a cat jumping in without sliding off the table.  I had a round cat bed from a few years ago that Spike occasionally curled up in so I thought this would be a good match with the tray.

Within 24 hours of cat bed being inserted in the tray, Spike decided to test it out.  He just barely squishes that large body into the bed and his paws are actually tucked through the iron circle (top of circle is between his paws and his chin).  Since the test, he has been a regular occupant!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Relaxing on Sunday

A typical Sunday at home...4 cats perched in various places, at safe distances from the dogs, who lay claim to the floor.

First in sight was Sadie, stretched out comfortably on the couch, with not a care in the world.   Spike, who rearranged himself on the chair several times within 5 minutes, doesn't realize he is too large to fit in this chair. Angel tucked himself into the corner of the couch, asleep almost instantly once he was in place.

And then there is Sebastian.  Ever wary...ever watchful.  He has been venturing out into the living room, which for him is very brave when there are dogs in here. In an effort to catch him still on the chair it had to be a quick shot ...hence the lack of focus and the unplanned flash.  You can see his right paw is not relaxed - rather he is always ready to flee at a second's notice.  He will push himself off this paw and be out of the room in a flash.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

IKEA shopping - but I didn't see this in the store

We were at Ikea the other day (one of my favorite shopping places!) and picked up some plastic storage boxes, among other things.  I left them in our dining room for just a few minutes when I went to unload groceries in the kitchen and came back to this sight.  There was very little available room in the box but somehow Angel managed to wiggle his way in, although he didn't have enough room to sit down. The fuzzy head just barely visible in the foreground belongs to a curious sheltie, trying to see what the appeal of the box is. I must say, I was puzzled too.  Cardboard boxes...attractive to all our cats.  Plastic boxes - very rarely.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Pepperoni..or cat..on your pizza?

On Wednesday, hubby decided it was time to have a pizza dinner which did not come from our freezer.  There is a local pizza joint which makes a good pepperoni pizza and it is very convenient for me to stop there on my way home from work.

I brought home our usual order and put it on the counter for a few minutes while I went upstairs.  This was the sight that met me when I came back into the kitchen.  Sadie must have thought she found a nice, heated sitting spot which would also be great for sleeping (probably would have been snoozing if I had come back into the kitchen just a little later).  Needless to say, I removed her very quickly ..but not until I had a couple of photos for the blog!