Saturday, November 22, 2008

We Three Kings: And Sebastion Makes Three!

To introduce the third member of our furry trio, here is an extract of a letter written to Mama Bear’s friend who works in Administration at the local Humane Society:

March, 2008
I just wanted to let you know that we added a new furry member to the family last week. Hubby and I stopped in at the Humane Society two Saturdays ago to look at the new building (which is certainly beautiful!). We stopped to see all of the cats and saw a big white male huddled in the corner on the top shelf of his cage, with a paw over his food dish. He looked rather scruffy and definitely wasn’t looking to put a head out for a pat. Apparently he had been abandoned and it looked like he had been outside for awhile (nose looked a bit frost bitten, ears were scraggly and looked like they might have been somewhat frost bitten as well. His fur was really rough and quite thick (again, seeming like he had been outside for awhile!) His description indicated that he was neutered and declawed – so obviously someone must have cared for him as a pet for some length of time. In spite of all the really cute little cats in there somehow hubby and I were drawn to this one – feeling sad for him. We also figured that he probably wasn’t the most appealing cat to the general public and might have to stay there for awhile.

We brought our youngest son with us on Sunday to see Frostfire. He put on the yellow apron, sprayed it carefully and reached in to pick up the cat. Frostfire (or Sebastian Frostfire as he is now known) stuck his head right into my son’s neck and started purring. When we put him back in his cage, he had the most soulful sad look on his face. We certainly hadn’t planned on getting another cat (since we have two at home) but none of us could leave him there all alone in his cage! (Mama Bear’s note here: I turned to Papa Bear and said “haul out that wallet…this guy is coming home with us!”) He is just getting through his quarantine period with us (in younger son's room complete with his own cat toilet and food dishes!) so we are looking forward to enjoying more time with him in the future.

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