Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Restless Dreamer

Spike has two "settings" - stop (sleep) and go (chase). During the day he moves around from cat bed to cat bed, with a sojourn at the front window on a wooden stand. In between sleeping, he loves to chase whichever cat happens to be unlucky enough to walk by. It is a short lived chase - since he has a short attention span. Apparently he is in chase mode during this particular cat nap - as you can see by the twitching toes.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Spike will sleep anywhere..anytime

Spike loves to sleep..day time...night time..anytime. This particular nap took place after an exhausting 10 minutes of chasing Sebastian and Angel up and down the stairs. This is a maple accessory unit with a small square of wood at the bottom - not intended for cat naps. Spike is the largest of all three cats (I expect this would be true even wihout his mass of fur) and we were really surprised to see him curled up here, actually looking quite comfortable. Over the next month we will post more photos of the cat nappers...as we find them!