Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Matching Set

A question one shouldn't ask is how many pet beds we have in the house. I think I've lost count by now. Just in the living room alone we have three cat beds and one dog bed. Almost every room in the house has a nice sleeping spot for one of the furries.

The woofie's bed is one of my favourites and came from Costco. We bought it because the beautiful soft green matched the house decor..but the woofie wasn't impressed with our sense of colour/style and ignored it for several weeks. Finally, she is starting to use it although it appears to be rather grudgingly sometimes. The cats are more appreciative when she is on her bed because they can race back and forth in the living room without having to scoot around a lounging dog.

When we were out at our regular visit to the Humane Society gift shop the other week, I happened to see a matching cat bed. The inside was fake fur, which our kitties seem to like cuddling up to and the outside microfibre was almost a perfect match to the woofie’s bed. We debated whether our cats would fit into the bed since it looked smaller than the beds we currently have but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to buy one that might actually look like it belongs in the room. When we brought it home, the first one in was Angel. It took him some time to figure out how to fit all of himself into the bed. He started out with a tail and a leg hanging out, then he turned around a few times until he could fit all extremities in. As you can see this photo is from one of his first few attempts! He now has claimed this bed for himself, figuring if he spends much of his time all curled up, then there would be no room for anyone else to climb in.

So how many cat beds does everyone have? I am thinking a ratio of 2 beds to every cat is probably the norm.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Before and After

BEFORE (peacefully asleep in his cat bed)

AFTER (look of annoyance as he sits up and turns towards the person who woke him up)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Eyes Have It

Angel - with light green eyes
Spike - with his amber eyes. In real life, these are a deep gold colour.
Sebastian - with an odd mix of color. One pure blue eye..the other a greenish gold with a ring of blue around the iris
Sadie - with her tilted green eyes. They are similar in color to Angel's eyes but the shape is so very different and she has a thin white hooding on the inside .She actually tilts her head to look at us so I wonder if she has difficulty seeing clearly.

A couple of weeks ago I saw a great shot of Casper's eyes on Cat's blog.
I asked hubby to take photos of our four furries and it surprised me to see how very different each set of cat's eyes look when the rest of the cat is not in sight. For regular readers...can you figure out who is who? have been added in the order each cat joined our family. Nov 15th postscript...names now added!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Sadie is here to stay

Similar to Spike, when Sadie sleeps there is very little that will disturb her. This past week, she tried to stuff herself into a brown fake fur cat bed that we bought at Petcetera. As you can see by the second photo she hasn't quite managed to squeeze all of her into the bed and she is slowly tipping out of the edge. Hubby felt sorry for her and put one of our couch cushions (NOT intended for cats) by the edge of the cat bed so that she wouldn't slide onto the coffee table. Between the time hubby put the cushion beside her, went out to play* on the computer for awhile and then returned to the living room, Sadie had moved over to lie on top of the cushion. Of course, after she finally woke up and climbed down, she left a small present of white fur nicely laid out on top of the cushion!
* hubby maintains he is busy working on the computer not playing