Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Matching Set

A question one shouldn't ask is how many pet beds we have in the house. I think I've lost count by now. Just in the living room alone we have three cat beds and one dog bed. Almost every room in the house has a nice sleeping spot for one of the furries.

The woofie's bed is one of my favourites and came from Costco. We bought it because the beautiful soft green matched the house decor..but the woofie wasn't impressed with our sense of colour/style and ignored it for several weeks. Finally, she is starting to use it although it appears to be rather grudgingly sometimes. The cats are more appreciative when she is on her bed because they can race back and forth in the living room without having to scoot around a lounging dog.

When we were out at our regular visit to the Humane Society gift shop the other week, I happened to see a matching cat bed. The inside was fake fur, which our kitties seem to like cuddling up to and the outside microfibre was almost a perfect match to the woofie’s bed. We debated whether our cats would fit into the bed since it looked smaller than the beds we currently have but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to buy one that might actually look like it belongs in the room. When we brought it home, the first one in was Angel. It took him some time to figure out how to fit all of himself into the bed. He started out with a tail and a leg hanging out, then he turned around a few times until he could fit all extremities in. As you can see this photo is from one of his first few attempts! He now has claimed this bed for himself, figuring if he spends much of his time all curled up, then there would be no room for anyone else to climb in.

So how many cat beds does everyone have? I am thinking a ratio of 2 beds to every cat is probably the norm.


Katnip Lounge said...

I had to think about this...we have sixteen "official" cat beds, plus various cushions and blankets and Cat trees, and of course the Big Bed, which is nominally a Human bed for a few meagre hours every night.

Erin said...

If I include anything specifically for the cats, but not the human stuff that they love (such as the bathmat), we've only got 8 for 4 cats. Not bad! They're not completely in charge of the house quite yet.

Of course, that number changes weekly and we're doing renos, so some of the usual beds and cushions are in storage right now.

Cat said...

We have two catbeds on the go at the moment, but there are several more that just aren't in use. The cats go off them every once in a while so I put them away for a bit and then bring them out again so they seem new.

I'm not counting the cat tree which has two bed/perches that are used daily or the basket on top of the wardrobe in our sunroom which is supposed to be for hats and scarves, but always has a cat in it instead - LOL!

MTVA said...

We have at least two per cat, of which only one seems to get regular use. A favorite place is a cardboard box with a pillow inside it...go figure! And of course the bed, the recliner with afghan to snuggle into, and recently vacated (pre-warmed!) chairs....

Oskar said...

Hi guys,

I featured your blog today on my Friendly Friday post!

Nubbin wiggles,

Joan said...

***Waving Paws in Air*** Happy Thursday! We are stopping by from The Daily Oskar blog" to say hello and to help follow your blog! Won't you stop by and say hello and follow us too. Have a fun day.
Joan & Jane Austen Eyre

♥I am Holly♥ said...

We came from Oskar's blog to see you! What beautiful kitties! We used to have a white kitty with different coloured eyes and he was so sweet. My kitties have my bed...they wouldn't know what a cat bed was for unless it was to put me in it! Lots of love, Holly and mom

CindyLu's Muse said...

Hi! Stopping over from the Friendly Friday hop - happy to meet you!

We bought a big, wonderful bed for our big dog, Chester, and the cats all immediately took over it. The poor dog sat there looking wishfully at it!

No such thing as enough beds!

Mr. Pip said...

Hi - I just popped over from Pet Blogs United. I am a cat loving dog and live with three cats, too! You are all just beautiful. We have 4 cats beds and one dog bed, but my feline siblings favorite place to sleep is the warm radiator

I am your newest follower. Hope we can be friends!

Your pal, Pip

Asta said...

Hello evewyone!
What a gowgeous bunch you awe. My fwiend Oskaw sent me
I'm not blogging too much in the next few weeks cause we'we a little fwazzled, but I'd love to be fwiends wif you
smoochie kisses

CCL Wendy said...

Actually, we don't have any official cat beds, since every surface is essentially already a bed for them.

Someone gave us their old dog bed once, and none of my cats were interested.

It's nice that you found a matching kitty bed for the dog bed, though. Colour coordination is key!