Friday, December 31, 2010

Waiting for the New Year

The snow is piling up at the front window and 2 of the boys are waiting patiently to see the New Year arrive. (Well, actually, just watching to see who is driving by at this time of the night). It is minus 20 right now with a miserable windchill ..and it makes me think of what it must have been like for Sebastian 3 years ago at this time. He had not yet been rescued by the Humane Society and was living on the street in the east end of the city. Perhaps this was the month he lost a chunk of the fur on his soft little nose..or maybe one of many days when the tip of his ears froze in the cold. Most likely it was just another cold day which made the cracks on his paw pads grow larger and more painful. He has come a long way since we adopted him .... and it feels like he has always been a member of our furry family.

So tonight is a peaceful night at home..with the furry beasties dotted all around. Sebastian is curled up on younger son's bed, Spike has jumped into the box by the front door, Angel is sitting on the arm of the chair (looking over at me), Sadie has settled herself onto hubby's lap ..and the woofie has wiggled in beside me on the couch. Who could ask for a better New Year's Eve celebration?

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Series Continues: Spike in a Box

The scene begins with an old box on its way out to the recycling bin. We made the mistake of leaving it on the floor, expecting to take it outside the next time someone headed out the door. Within a few minutes, Angel quickly jumped inside and made himself comfortable. Well..we all know what happens when Angel finds a "nest" he enjoys............................................... is the master of all "nest nappers" who comes along to check out the new nest! As soon as Angel left the box to head into the kitchen for a bite of food, Spike hopped in and made himself comfortable.
Much as I'd like to toss this box out into the bin, it seems to be a popular spot now..even if only for a few minutes. So...during our travels this morning, we popped into a local pet store and picked up a furry little sleeping pad to tuck inside the box. We came home, put the pad inside the box, grabbed a coffee from the kitchen and then looked for Angel to show him the new cozy box. By the time we had Angel in hand, the box was already occupied by Spike. Argh!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Spike in a basket

This looks like an interesting cat bed.
But it seems a bit too high.
This is better...and I have a nice scratch pad to sit on (at least that is what mum calls it)

I think I have to move further back here. No..that's not quite it.

Aahh..this is better!

Monday, December 27, 2010

What to do on a cold winter's day

Curl up in a nice warm cat bed, of course!
Sadie's sleep has been disturbed by the house photographer. As you can see, she is slowly turning the black cat bed lining to a nice pale shade of white.

Sebastian looks out warily, wondering why someone is invading his space. This bed has been placed on top of the refrigerator - which is one of Sebastian's safe havens away from the reach of the woofie.

Angel has resigned himself to giving up the green cat bed and is now esconced in a small furry brown bed at the end of the couch. (A wee touch of catnip spray did help ease the way!)

Spike is enjoying the spoils of the hunt...stretching out luxuriously in the green cat bed as if to say..."This is mine...all mine....and I will enjoy every square inch of it!"

Monday, December 20, 2010

Romeo returns

Tell me your secrets....the light is shining in your eye and you will tell me.
I am waiting.....
Hey..don't turn away from me!
What are you doing?
Ahh..the evil eye. more questions!

Actually the real story starts a frame or two earlier. Romeo informed his mom that he wanted to have an open window to sit at. Within a few minutes of nice fresh air (Montreal cold winter air) Romeo decided he had had enough and needed to warm up. He found a nice cosy spot on a nearby printer and warmed himself up under the overhead light. My friend was able to grab her camera to get these great shots you see above. The light makes Romeo look like a much lighter colored tabby and his green eyes really stand out. The last photo is the most fascinating to me since I can see the depth and variations of the different greens in his eyes.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Sadie enjoying the front window

Sadie loves the smell of fresh air and any window action she can find. She is the first cat to realize a window has been opened (although with this cold weather it will be a door rather than a window). She can be in a sound sleep, curled up in one of the cat beds, when one of us opens the front door - and we barely have it open when she is already sitting up, eyes wide open with her little pink nose sniffing out the elixir. She also loves to curl up on the window seat at the back of the house, patiently looking for any movement outside. Right now she is at the front window, giving the "evil eye" to papabear and his camera for disturbing her concentration.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Introducing Lady Gray

Isn't this such a glorious silver gray cat? Her fur reminds me of Jimmy on Cat's Cats...a most handsome silver gray sweetie. Lady Gray is a new addition to my friend's family. She joins the resident cat in the house - Fergie (yes, the talented kitty walking with the balloon in her mouth ).
My friend decided to bring Lady Gray into her family after finding out through her vet that a family who owned Lady Gray had developed allergies to her. As soon as I read this, I thought of "Lucky 13" at Katnip Lounge. The thought of Sylvestor waiting so long at the vet's for a loving family to rescue him was so sad..but fortunately such a happy ending. Lady Gray did not have to wait as long, fortunately. My friend has a wonderful warm heart and this will be another lucky kitty with a forever home.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Leg Warmers

I could use a couple more of these when I am here is -29 degrees Celsius, and that doesn't include the impact of the windchill. It would be a great day to stay inside and snuggle with the furry beasties.
(I will admit that when papabear said it was time that we took the woofie for a walk...I responded "We? I think you mean "you"!)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I'll make myself fit into this bed

You might remember this green cat bed from an earlier post ..when we were surprised that Angel managed to fit in. has been in the house for a few weeks without any interest from Spike. 3 days ago (and coincidentally about the same time Sadie started to sleep in Spike's favorite brown plaid bed) Spike decided to squish his quite large body into the green cat bed. We thought this would be short lived since he really looked quite uncomfortable at the time. However, every day for the past 3 days he has been jumping into this cat bed in the early evening. Right now he is fast asleep with his head and tail hanging out, definitely overflowing. Poor Angel who had claimed the bed for his own is now sitting beside me on the couch, with a not so happy look, occasionally looking over to see if if his bed is available.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

What are you doing down there?

Spike often has an inquisitive look on his face, showing his curiosity about the world around him. He could well be looking at me "glued" to my, work and more work! Just enough spare time to cuddle a cat or two, take a quick walk with the woofie and then back to the ever growing "To Do" list. I am looking forward to the upcoming holidays where I can enjoy time with family and catch up on my blog reading!