Monday, December 27, 2010

What to do on a cold winter's day

Curl up in a nice warm cat bed, of course!
Sadie's sleep has been disturbed by the house photographer. As you can see, she is slowly turning the black cat bed lining to a nice pale shade of white.

Sebastian looks out warily, wondering why someone is invading his space. This bed has been placed on top of the refrigerator - which is one of Sebastian's safe havens away from the reach of the woofie.

Angel has resigned himself to giving up the green cat bed and is now esconced in a small furry brown bed at the end of the couch. (A wee touch of catnip spray did help ease the way!)

Spike is enjoying the spoils of the hunt...stretching out luxuriously in the green cat bed as if to say..."This is mine...all mine....and I will enjoy every square inch of it!"


Firstblood said...

those are nice beds! Mom wants to let you know your white fur is soo pretty!!

Cat said...

It is always good to have some safe, snuggly beds to curl up in!!!

Katnip Lounge said...

I'm getting a little light-headed looking at such gorgeous white kitties!
Our Chuckles slept on top of the refrigerator, protected him from unheard pouncing!
You are so blessed to have such beautiful Whitesters.

xx MommyKat Trish