Friday, June 24, 2011

Sadie sleeping through dinner

If there was more room on this blanket I think I would be curled up by Sadie. She looks so content and has certainly decided this is her home - whether it be on my sweater by the table, on a box in the hallway or even on the toilet paper underneath the small table in the hallway. Yes - the latter place probably does sound odd. We put a large package of toilet paper rolls underneath the table to keep her away from the front door since she used to crouch under the table, looking out the door as soon as it was opened. She figured out how to squish herself between the top of the paper rolls and the underside of the table top so now sits in there on a regular basis. We figure by the time she extricates herself after the door is opened we will have time to close it again before she gets too far!

Lately she has been sleeping on top of younger son's gym bag in the upstairs guest bedroom and hasn't been coming down for the regular 6 PM dinner feeding. This is unusual but as long as she is down at some stage in the evening I won't worry yet.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Not a good choice for your diet

Spike has been feeling the effects of a slightly smaller daily feeding and is looking out the window to see what else he can get his paws on. This is bigger game than the squirrel he was eyeing up the other day but should that window glass not be there, we are quite sure Spike would be up to the task.

So you might ask why our big boy is getting a little less to eat each day. (Easier said than done since he likes to hipcheck the other cats out of the way so he can get his face in their food dishes). Last week the cats were on the checklist to take to the vets. The dogs had gone in the week before - basic check ups for all 3, a few needles, some ear mite medicine for the 12 year old and a spay for the 4 year old (latest rescue woofie). Then it was time to load up the four whitesters for a checkup. Angel, the elder, appears to have a touch of arthritis in one of his back paws so we will getting some glucosamine to help ease the aches. Sadie and Sebastian passed with flying colors. Spike, while looking sweet and lovable, sent the scale flying upwards when he stepped on. The vet advised us it was time to take some weight off the big boy, pointing out a chubby little tummy hidden underneath all that floof. Easy for her to say...she doesn't have to stand there and look at the pleading amber eyes and piteous meows of a hungry kitty cat!