Saturday, May 28, 2011

Room for Two

Our woofie looks rather annoyed to wake up and find Spike sprawled out at the end of the couch. Usually this spot is occupied by me when I am working on my laptop. For the past three weeks I have been working on my other commitments in my "spare time" (3 projects for two different educational organizations) on top of the regular 45+ hours day job so have almost doubled my working hours in this time. Short term pain - since it will be coming to an end in a little over two weeks. During my late nights I typically have my two loyal pets keeping me company- the woofie on the couch, then on the floor, then on the couch..and Angel somewhere in the living room, looking over at me occasionally with a loving glance (or at least that is what my bleary eyes see!) Spike has no interest in hanging around with me - he only has eyes for my hubby. But he certainly has an interest in continuing his domination over all things soft and comfortable!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

A dog bed for cats

We have two dog beds in the living room against the bookcases - a handy spot for a woofie to settle down out of the way of the rest of the traffic. This morning, I came downstairs and looked into the living room to find hubby having his morning coffee, keeping an eye on a sleeping Sadie, all curled up at the end of the round dog bed. She always chooses odd places to sleep, with the favorite spot last week being the top of a box with a couple of dog towels on it.
About ten minutes after I sat down on the couch in the living room, one woofie decided it was time to claim back part of the dog bed and she carefully climbed onto the back end, looking back at us with a slightly exasperated look.
After a while, the residents of the dog bed moved onto other pursuits, leaving an empty spot....just waiting to be filled by none other than the nest napper himself, Spike. As you can see, there is no room for a woofie to climb back on.
Wherever another cat finds a comfy sleeping spot, we know it is only a matter of time before Spike comes along to lay claim.