Friday, August 28, 2009

Touch that ... and I bite you!

Angel has been playing "Jekyll and Hyde" these past few weeks. He will gladly cuddle in someone's lap. purring softly and looking up with those loving eyes of his. Then he will walk over to his chair and give us that "watch out" glare when anyone gets close. Papa Bear sat beside him last night and reached out to give Angel a skritch behind the ear. As his hand came close, Angel turned his head, opened his mouth and briefly gripped Papa Bear's hand with his teeth. No skin is ever broken - but Angel makes it clear that anyone who invades his personal space around the chair will be sorry they even thought about it. This shot shows he is already turning his ears back and giving the "watch out" glare, in preparation for a little bite!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Picture Perfect

This darling face is a far cry from the scruffy frost bitten cat with cracked paw pads we saw cowering in the back of the cage at the Humane Society. At that time he was still quite grimy from his several months of "freedom" on the street and actually looked like he did have gray patches of fur. A year and a half later his fur is shiny, his paw pads are back to a beautiful rosy color and he is a glorious white color all over. He is still nervous when he hears any loud sounds but he will sit still for a photo now and again.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Scratches on the floor? Who, me?

A few years back, Papa Bear worked late into the wee hours of the Xmas holidays to put down a hardwood floor in the living room. A few months after Spike arrived in the house (coincidentally also during the Xmas holidays .. but a couple of years after the floor) we started to see little scratches on the floor by the window. These were pointed out to Papa Bear (in the context of "look what your cat is doing!") but he was insistent that the scratches must have come from one of the boys pushing the chair back and then dragging it forward again. It wasn't long before the mystery was revealed. Every time a squirrel or rabbit walked by the front window, Spike would desperately try to run after them. We would hear a loud scratching sound and when we looked down we saw the back legs going like crazy, with those solid claws digging into the wood floor. Once the excitement is over Spike climbs onto the wood stand and looks like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth. "Those scratches on the floor - who, me???

Friday, August 7, 2009

Spike Behaving

Our definition of "Spike behaving" is basically anything he is doing that does not involve chasing either of the other two cats or pushing them out of the way so that he can eat their food/look out the window/play with a toy. This time he had jumped up onto the mid height bookshelf and was looking intently at something above Papa Bear's head. Spike's ears stand up and face forward when he shows interest in anything. He likely pays more attention to air movements than the other two, due to his deafness and he really doesn't like having his ears touched. Spike's ears are very firm to the touch and are quite large, in keeping with his overall build. The other two cats have nice soft ears and will gladly sit while we scratch or rub an ear or two.