Saturday, June 27, 2009

'bin shopping

Saturdays are usually shopping days, including lots of recyclable shopping bags and occasionally one reluctant younger son who comes along to help with the heavy lifting (for example, those heavy boxes of cat litter and big bags of kitty kibble). Today, younger son was pressed into duty for exactly that. He was busy hauling in groceries while Mama Bear was putting everything away.... then he called out for help with one particular shopping bag. One of the just emptied bags in the hallway was starting to move ..and then a furry head popped out. Papa Bear headed off for the camera and came back to find Spike settled quite comfortably in his new resting spot. All sales final on this product!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The "old one" still has some play left in him!

Angel is getting older and doesn't usually join the younger two cats when they are playing. He will chase a catnip toy for a few minutes but once he has chewed on a few times, he loses interest. This little catnip mouse, that can barely be seen, was clutched in his little paws the other day. He kept this toy in play for quite some time and by the time he released it it looked very much the worse for wear, with bite marks and saliva all over. When we rescued what was left of it, there wasn't anything left for the other two cats to play with.

Friday, June 12, 2009

A new toy for Spike

Someone said to me this week that I didn't look like one of those people who would buy fuzzy toys for their cats. I replied that the toys I buy usually aren't fluffy initially, but after Spike has played with them and covered them in "floof", then we suddenly have fuzzy toys! Most times, the thrill of the new toy disappears quickly and we have a growing pile of cat toys tucked away in the corner, forlornly looking for someone to play with them.

This cat tunnel, purchased last Saturday, seems to be holding Spike's attention. He regularly goes flying through the tunnel a few times and then settles inside for several minutes, occasionally swatting at the hanging ball in either end. Last night, it was totally quiet in the house (everyone was in bed except for me) and I was busy working on the laptop. All of a sudden I saw two white ears pop out of one of the holes in the side of the tunnel. I hadn't realized that Spike had been sitting quietly in the tunnel while I had been working.

Papa Bear was on cat watch for the day shift and came into the living room to find Spike tucked inside the tunnel. Fortunately he was able to get a quick photo off before Spike moved back into chase mode.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Spike finds yet another sleeping spot

We had just finished washing and drying several blankets and had temporarily placed them on a box in the living room before heading upstairs to put them away. All it took was 10 minutes out of the room - and we returned to find a sleeping furry snuggled into the blankets. No wonder the washng never gets finished around here!