Saturday, February 26, 2011

Now this is the right size cat bed for me

The contented look on Spike's face says it all! Over the past few months you have seen Spike busy taking ownership of a multitude of sleeping spots. This is the final frontier...yes, the queen size bed that hubby and I normally share with Angel (who takes very little room at the foot of the bed). Hubby typically takes Spike up to bed with him but as soon as he falls asleep, Spike is gone in a flash, heading back downstairs. About 3 weeks ago, Spike decided there was merit in having the opportunity to stretch out, unimpeded, on a fuzzy, warm blanket and has slept there almost every night since. By the time I come up to bed, I often find him lying on my side of the bed, curled in a large fluffy white circle. I have to push him over to get enough room for myself and he gives me an aggrieved look, making me feel a wee bit guilty.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Contemplative Cat

Sadie has little fear of any of the other residents in the house. She usually sits calmly, watching the action around her. Every once in a while she sits in a place that surprises us. This is the woofie's carpet, placed between our chairs in the living room. The woofie also has a proper dog bed by the TV but we found she really liked sitting closer to us so we picked up a soft cotton carpet which she could stretch out on. The other cats typically avoid this carpet (likely they can smell the woofie) so it sits empty except for the times the woofie wants our company. The other day, hubby found Sadie sitting in the carpet, entranced by something we couldn't see. Whatever it was kept her interest up for several minutes. You can probably see a slight tilt to her head as she looks down...something we noticed early on. She tilts her head whenever she wants to look at something more closely and has a quizzical look on her face as if she is ready to ask a question!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The pizza is all mine

"Don't even think about it...these are all mine"...says the look in Spike's eyes.

Last week, younger boy decided he needed some real sustenance in our absence (we were in Calgary visiting eldest daughter and our new granddaighter) and ordered some pizza. When we returned from the airport we walked into the kitchen and saw Spike with his territory staked out. There was some pizza left and fortunately it was in one of the closed boxes, away from floating floof.

Two days later, when the empty boxes were stacked on the table by the front door, ready to go out into the recycling box, we found Spike settled on them once again. This time it was a more precarious perch and the boxes were actually hanging over the end of the table. One move in the wrong direction and Spike would have been on his way to the floor along with the boxes. No time for a photo then...grab cat quickly and deposit in living room, grab boxes and head out into the miserable cold to drop in recycling box.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I Spy With My Little Eye

Sebastian is enjoying the view outside..waiting patiently for a squirrel, rabbit or bird to show up.
A menacing white shadow appears behind him. Note that Sebastian's ears have already flattened as he feels the hot breath of the intruder behind him.
Yes...the nest napper has turned his pursuits to windows and has muscled Sebastian out of the way. Spike now has the prime viewing position and is looking out the window.
A view to the left...with the bird feeder and squirrel highway in sight.
A closer look at the "squirrel tree". After the little varmints run along the top of the fence they head right up the large tree just at the corner of the two fences. This is their launching pad to several other squirrel friendly trees in our neighbours' yards.
A quick pan to the right shows the main squirrel highway. The fence at the back of our yard sees the footsteps of many agile squirrels and the occasional racoon on their way from one yard to another yard. There is another large tree to the right (a Northwest Poplar that was planted in the corner of the yard when the house was first built) and we have bird feeders hanging from the tree branches. Although the feeders are squirrel proof it doesn't stop the squirrels from desperately trying to get at the seeds...but this does provide plenty of viewing pleasure for the cats!