Saturday, February 26, 2011

Now this is the right size cat bed for me

The contented look on Spike's face says it all! Over the past few months you have seen Spike busy taking ownership of a multitude of sleeping spots. This is the final frontier...yes, the queen size bed that hubby and I normally share with Angel (who takes very little room at the foot of the bed). Hubby typically takes Spike up to bed with him but as soon as he falls asleep, Spike is gone in a flash, heading back downstairs. About 3 weeks ago, Spike decided there was merit in having the opportunity to stretch out, unimpeded, on a fuzzy, warm blanket and has slept there almost every night since. By the time I come up to bed, I often find him lying on my side of the bed, curled in a large fluffy white circle. I have to push him over to get enough room for myself and he gives me an aggrieved look, making me feel a wee bit guilty.


MTVA said...

Now, if only Spike would stay put there, the other cats can finally enjoy some of the little cat beds!

Cat said...

It is difficult to sleep at night without disturbing cats!