Saturday, February 12, 2011

Contemplative Cat

Sadie has little fear of any of the other residents in the house. She usually sits calmly, watching the action around her. Every once in a while she sits in a place that surprises us. This is the woofie's carpet, placed between our chairs in the living room. The woofie also has a proper dog bed by the TV but we found she really liked sitting closer to us so we picked up a soft cotton carpet which she could stretch out on. The other cats typically avoid this carpet (likely they can smell the woofie) so it sits empty except for the times the woofie wants our company. The other day, hubby found Sadie sitting in the carpet, entranced by something we couldn't see. Whatever it was kept her interest up for several minutes. You can probably see a slight tilt to her head as she looks down...something we noticed early on. She tilts her head whenever she wants to look at something more closely and has a quizzical look on her face as if she is ready to ask a question!


Katnip Lounge said...

Maybe there's a Monster under there. We have a few at our house to.
Unpredictable, Monsters.

MTVA said...

You just have to wonder what's going on in their little minds!

And I'm surprised that Spike did not turn up to nudge her out of the way, so HE could sit there!

CCL Wendy said...

What a PURRecious girl she is! What is it you see, Sadie? Is it something microscopic?

Good for you for braving the woofie's carpet! Now, with your smell on it, you can join the woofie anytime you like.

By the way, I know how much you like white kitties. Did you see Dante at ( Valentine's Day with his sweetheart, Miss Camille Suzanne (who is pure white and floofy as they come)?