Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I Spy With My Little Eye

Sebastian is enjoying the view outside..waiting patiently for a squirrel, rabbit or bird to show up.
A menacing white shadow appears behind him. Note that Sebastian's ears have already flattened as he feels the hot breath of the intruder behind him.
Yes...the nest napper has turned his pursuits to windows and has muscled Sebastian out of the way. Spike now has the prime viewing position and is looking out the window.
A view to the left...with the bird feeder and squirrel highway in sight.
A closer look at the "squirrel tree". After the little varmints run along the top of the fence they head right up the large tree just at the corner of the two fences. This is their launching pad to several other squirrel friendly trees in our neighbours' yards.
A quick pan to the right shows the main squirrel highway. The fence at the back of our yard sees the footsteps of many agile squirrels and the occasional racoon on their way from one yard to another yard. There is another large tree to the right (a Northwest Poplar that was planted in the corner of the yard when the house was first built) and we have bird feeders hanging from the tree branches. Although the feeders are squirrel proof it doesn't stop the squirrels from desperately trying to get at the seeds...but this does provide plenty of viewing pleasure for the cats!


Cat said...

I find squirrels very entertaining...seems Sebastian and Spike do too!!!

MTVA said...

I guess there can be no doubt who is the Top Cat at your house!
We all enjoy the squirrels too. How pretty the trees are in your pictures, but really, haven't we all had quite enough snow this year?! Now it's all covered in a layer of ice, seems like the winter that just won't let up...

CCL Wendy said...

Yes, we have one of those squirrel highways surrounding our entire back yard. I still put out nuts for them, so there is cat entertainment year round here.

The winter shots look so beautiful -- ironic isn't it?