Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kessie makes a new friend

This is one of those "aaah" moments ...cute cat...cute little girl! You've met Kessie before....and here he is meeting a little baby girl for the first time. He looks curious and not the least afraid of the little fingers coming towards him. His owner was visiting with another of our co-workers who is currently off on maternity leave and Kessie decided he wanted to visit with a new friend. He sat patiently when his head was touched (this is the first baby he has met) and moved closer for a better look. Friends fur...ever!


MTVA said...

Aren't they the cutest pair, in their cozy winter outfits! You just can't help but have a big smile on your face looking at this adorable picture.

Cat said...
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Cat said...

Sometimes cats have amazing instincts when babies are involved. Years ago we had an Abyssinian cat who was so posh and aloof when we first got her, then when my sister's son arrived she became a different cat. She became maternal! I was still living at home and my mum looked after her grandson while my sister returned to work, so I would see everyday how our cat acted. She would guard napping Iain outside in his pram and come and scratch at the kitchen window when he awoke. When he was playing on his blanket she would let him grab her tail and whiskers and she never hissed or scratched, she had the patience of a saint. Sometimes she did sit just outside of his reach but she never let him out of her sight, it was amazing and that picture reminded me so much of her :-)