Friday, July 31, 2009

Relaxing...and watching...

Spike has taken over Angel's customary resting place by the front door. Usually this blanket is reserved for Angel - and the other two cats have no interest in sitting here. But Spike has decided to see what it is like to sit here...and when Spike decides he is going to sit down, the other two have learned to move out of his way. Spike established his dominance quickly after joining the household. He can't hear the other two when they hiss or growl at him, so he just keeps on doing whatever he has started. His size can be a little intimidating and he has a habit of rising up with his front paws hanging in the air. He has great balance when he stands on his back legs and almost looks like a giant meerkat! He will come running over to one of the windows when he thinks there is something outside of interest and if another cat is in the prime spot by the window, Spike will just push right in beside. So we typically see Spike running eagerly to a window...and an annoyed cat (Angel or Sebastian) vacating the spot shortly after!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Fergie really wants to get out!

Some readers might recognize the photo of an inquisitive Fergie putting her head between the blinds so she can see better. She is now trying to get even further out - climbing completely through the blinds and finding her footing on the narrow window ledge. Still no luck - the window is shut tight! The little arm on the left is ready just in case Fergie slips and needs to be steadied.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Almost as cute as cats!

Although these aren't cats, they are still quite cute and furry ..and just as inquisitive as most cats. Papa Bear was down by the river when he saw a furry little face pop out of an opening underneath a concrete block. When he went to grab his camera, the little face disappeared quickly. He waited patiently...and then saw the face reappear. Puzzling though - because it looked slightly different than when he saw it a few minutes before. Sure enough, as soon as he moved to take a shot (photo, that is!) the face disappeared again. Papa Bear was even more determined to get a photo and continued to wait by the hole. All of a sudden, two little faces popped into view. The one on the right is slightly smaller so is likely the female of the pair. In case you are wondering what these are (as we were) it turns out they are groundhogs. Guess that means six more weeks of summer!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Neck warmer on duty

Fergie is waiting patiently for someone to sit down in the chair so she can curl up and be a most helpful neck warmer! This photo was also entered in the "match the pet photo with the owner" contest at work. Fergie's family lives in Ontario so we thought this would make it tough for all the co-workers attempting to make the match - since it is unlikely anyone would have had the opportunity to visit Fergie's home. What we didn't notice - the work binders on the shelf that quickly gave away the identity of Fergie's owner!

Friday, July 3, 2009

One cool cat!

In June we had a contest at work where the pet photos were posted on the wall and people had to match up the pet with the owner. The owners of this gorgeous cat live in Montreal and he probably looks familiar to you if you have been reading the blog - yes...Romeo has already had two appearances with many more expected! This photo is one of my favorites since he looks like he is relaxing and enjoying the warm sun. A co-worker trying to make a successful match in the contest determined that this photo had to be in Montreal due to the high sidewalks. After laughing a little, we let him know that this was not a street sidewalk!