Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Almost as cute as cats!

Although these aren't cats, they are still quite cute and furry ..and just as inquisitive as most cats. Papa Bear was down by the river when he saw a furry little face pop out of an opening underneath a concrete block. When he went to grab his camera, the little face disappeared quickly. He waited patiently...and then saw the face reappear. Puzzling though - because it looked slightly different than when he saw it a few minutes before. Sure enough, as soon as he moved to take a shot (photo, that is!) the face disappeared again. Papa Bear was even more determined to get a photo and continued to wait by the hole. All of a sudden, two little faces popped into view. The one on the right is slightly smaller so is likely the female of the pair. In case you are wondering what these are (as we were) it turns out they are groundhogs. Guess that means six more weeks of summer!

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