Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sebastian - ever watchful

There is a theme related to our leather chairs and couch .....they are all covered with throws designed to keep nasty cat claws from scratching up the leather. This is my chair, just inside the front door and with a prime view out of the front window.  The small rectangle of pink to the right is actually the edge of a yoga mat we have in front of the window for Dakota, the eldest dog.  She loves to sit by the front window but she cannot get up by herself on the wood floor so needs the yoga mat for traction. And if she is by the window, it is very unlikely that any cat will venture too close.

Sebastian has ventured onto my chair but he is very aware that there is a grouchy old dog just down below.   He wants to look out the window but he also wants to be in a position to make a quick getaway, hence the orientation of his front paws.

Below....what Sebastian can see from his vantage point and why he stays well out of reach!


MTVA said...

What a nice cozy throw. And Sebastian makes it look even more welcoming!

Mama Bear said...

One of my favorite throws! I found one at a linen store that was closing and then a year later, I found a similar one at Winners which now graces the cream leather chair. Very warm - which is quite handy with this miserably cold weather!