Sunday, February 16, 2014

Spike..Cat or Dog?

Spike's size probably enables him to be more confident around the dogs and he doesn't willingly give up a sleeping spot.  He will long as he has established his space first ..and the dog is willing to leave some personal space between. Spike has found that the back of the couch is a good fit for a rather large kitty ...and is not perturbed that Seumas and Sophie also find the couch appealing for a quick nap.

It almost looks like Spike is trying to poke Sophie but he is simply stretching out his big paw.

Seumas loves to sneak up to the back of the couch...regardless of whether any human or animal is around. He can sleep soundly here until he hears the sound of a treat bag opening!  He had opened one sleepy eye here to look at Spike but with nothing else going on to catch his attention, he went back to sleep very quickly.

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