Friday, April 24, 2009

Sebastian sleeping after a hard day's run

It is very unusual to see Sebastian sleeping out in the main area of the house, especially when he is being photographed. He also doesn't seem to take to any cat beds/tents, rather he prefers to snooze (snooze lightly, that is) upstairs tucked away in the guest bedroom, head towards the door. When he first joined the household, we purchased a large cat bed and put it in younger son's room. Sebastian tried it once or twice but decided that younger son's bed was more to his liking. Then we bought a cat tent...and then another..but the most we saw Sebastion do was sniff at the front of the tent or attempt to chase another cat into one of the tents. Then we saw these cat beds and bought three of them, hoping each cat would lay claim to one apiece. Spike loves to sleep in any one of these - but has spent most of his downstairs time tucked away in the cat bed under the side table. This one was moved to the base of a table by the front door - and Papa Bear was very surprised to come out today to find Sebastian fast asleep. Usually when Sebastian hears anyone approach he runs off at high speed. Then, once he is at a safe distance, he turns around to see what is going on. This happens most of the day and as a result he remains the most athletic cat in the house. (Perhaps Mama Bear and Papa Bear could look at doing some running themselves!) So Papa Bear fully expected that as soon as he brought out the camera, he would only see a flash of white tail headed down the hall. Surprisingly, he was able to take this photo without a movement of fur in any direction - and it was a treat to see a relaxed Sebastian!

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