Friday, April 3, 2009

Playing Dead

Have you ever had that sinking feeling that something was wrong with your cat? I don't know why I worry about our furry boys - they are all young (at least, two of them are) and quite healthy. But every once in awhile I just have that brief moment when I have to look twice to make sure all is well. Spike never runs out of new ways to show us how to sleep - and this one certainly made me stop in my tracks as I walked by. He looked extremely uncomfortable but wasn't moving a single muscle. I had a closer look and saw his tummy moving ever so slightly so I knw he was OK. SO then it was time to madly hunt down a camera to get a photo. Papa Bear hauled out his trusty Sony camera and took several shots. We thought Spike would realize he was the centre of attention but he kept sleeping soundly through all of the flashes - and not even a twitch when Papa Bear came in for a close-up.

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