Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sebastian and his brush tail

Papa Bear has been waiting to get a photo of Sebastian and his brush tail for a few weeks now. Although Sebastian is a nervous cat at some times, he rarely gets upset enough that his tail fluffs out. The first time we saw this we were quite amazed at how thick his tail really is. Every once in a while a neighbour cat sneaks through our yard and in its journey it will stop to have a look at whichever cat is sitting by our window. Spike and Angel simply watch with interest - but do not show any signs of concern. Sebastian, on the other hand, clearly now sees our house and yard as his territory and is very annoyed when any other cat dares to invade. As soon as he sees the intruder cat he will run back and forth from window to window in a very agitated manner. His tails fluffs to full force at first sight and doesn't settle back down until the other cat has left our yard.

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