Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Trick or treat, anyone? The cats decided to help us hand out Halloween treats this year - but their participation was limited to watching all the Trick or Treaters at the door. We bought three large boxes of chips and as soon as we started to get them staged at the side of the door, Spike decided to try and get in one of the boxes. So we quickly changed tactics and put a selection in a small bin that Spike could not climb into. Angel jumped onto the table by the door (his usual waiting place whenever there is any activity in the foyer) and as a couple of the drink cans started to teeter we realized we would have to fill the table completely to block Angel in any attempt to re-establish his spot on the table. Sebastian had no interest in any treats - but he thought he had a good trick up his sleeve by sneaking under the chair by the front door, hoping to make a quick escape when we opened the door. We let him stay long enough to get a quick photo, then we scooted him back into the living room.

The one cat you won't see in the photo is the new black "cat". We found a great black cat with flashing red eyes at the local store and decided he would make a good Halloween cat just outside our front door. When we brought him home mid week, we simply put him on a shelf and didn't think there would be any interest on the part of our real cats. Not so! They each took turns sniffing at the black cat and then Spike thought he'd take a swipe or two. After hearing Sebastian growl we realized we'd have to put the black cat in the cupboard until we were ready to put him outside.

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