Saturday, October 3, 2009

A quiet day...and a quiet cat

Sebastian snoozing by the dining room window basically sums up the week for the furry boys. This past weekend, younger son was taking care of the cats while we were off to see eldest daughter. When we returned, we expected to be greeted by furry little faces, showing joy at our return. Not so. Slowly each of them appeared by the door as we were bringing in the luggage - they looked, they yawned and they disappeared. Every time we looked around for a kitty, we would find them sleeping somewhere - on the couch, on the chair, under the table, on the bed.
Yesterday, we found Sebastian curled up fast asleep. Usually he is sitting on one of the chairs that flanks this bed, with his nose pressed against the window but still remaining vigilant for people coming up behind him. It was a surprise to see him in such a relaxed state, not even twitching an ear when his photo was taken. He is becoming more comfortable as time goes by and we hope he really feels this is his home now.

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