Friday, December 11, 2009

Sleeping Beauty (in the eye of the beholder)

As you know from earlier posts, our fluff cat loves to sleep ...anywhere..anytime...and as you can see, in any position! Although he looks like he is awake in the first photo, he really is sleeping soundly. We have built a sleeping spot for him by the couch and covered it with a large soft blanket. It is high enough that he can look over most of the furniture in the room and it faces the front door so if he needs to just relax and watch what is going on, he is in a prime location. In the evening, when we are watching TV, we'll often hear a little soft snore to the back of us and will find Spike curled up in blissful sleep.

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Nikita Cat said...


I'm an expert in those postions, too!

Such technique! ;-D