Sunday, August 1, 2010

Angel checks out the pears from his comfortable new box

We found a great plastic pet storage box at Home Sense this weekend - designed for cat brushes, toys, leashes, etc - made by a company called Curver. The storage box was well designed so I quickly looked up Curver - apparently it is a European company without locations here so I guess we won't have any luck looking for a matching storage box for dogs. There was only one box on the shelf at Home Sense so we can't even buy another one, cross out the cat pictures and magic marker in the dog name!
We had some of the extra cat brushes in a photo box so emptied out the box this morning. Less than an hour later, Angel found it and crammed his little furry body into the box. Feigning innocence, he pretends he is checking out the decorative pears!

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MTVA said...

This picture, and the earlier ones of Spike snoozing, are so beautiful!