Friday, August 6, 2010

Friends "not of a feather"

Usually our Lord and Master of the Fluff is sitting up where he can look down on the denizens of the house - so this was a real surprise when Papabear walked back into the living room after getting himself a cup of coffee. Out with the pocket camera..and up with the photo! ("Up"loaded, that is.) We have been very pleased with the integration of the woofie into the household. Often she is sitting just a foot or two away from Angel and he just casually looks over at her, then buries his head in his blanket. If you look up and left, that is Angel's favorite chair. Spike will walk by, swishing his tail and ignoring dog and humans. It is very common, though, when I am in the kitchen late at night, to turn around and find Spike stretched out on one part of the kitchen floor and the woofie stretched out on another, both equally comfortable in the company of the other. Sebastian is the one hold out ...but there seems be some thawing so we hope they come to a truce in the near future. The woofie's fur is fast turning grey so we don't know how much time we will have with her. We just have a best estimate from the vet as to her age and our reading shows that the typical life expectancy for her breed is 12 - 13 years. But, as with the cats, this is her "forever" home and we'll love her through whatever time she has.

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Anonymous said...

I think it is really a special thing to adopt an older animal, and Girlie looks like such a sweetie. Nice that they are all settling in together too!