Sunday, August 8, 2010

Spike's version of a cat condo

Just a few minutes before this photo, Spike was stretched out, fast asleep. He is on the top of a very high bookcase. one of his favorite spots in the family room. In a typical day pose his paws will do the "double dangle" on one edge and the fluff tail will beat a steady rhythym when someone walks by. At night he will tuck his nose into his paws and we will hear the occasional snore. He has a prime view of Papabear on the computer so I reckon this is one of the reasons I find him here regularly. Every once in a while. late at night, I forget the fluff cat is up here. I turn on the light when I go in and then I hear a little grunt as he wakes up.
PS A sharp eye will see the boomerang on the wall at the left. Not a functioning one...but beautifully illustrated with aboriginal art.


CCL Wendy said...

Hi! Nice to meet you! I'm Wendy from Wendy's LOLSpot, and I loved the comment you just left.

By the way, I will do LOLs of any cat, and would be pleased to yours if you would allow it. All I need is your permission to copy pictures from your blog.

I have some other kitties lined up first, but would be happy to add yours to the list if you're up for it.

Just leave another comment on my blog to let me know.

Spike is so lovely, by the way. And I adore white kitties. We always had pure white cats when I was growing up. There's something very special about them indeed.

Happy World Cat Day, by the way!

Cat said...

Hi Mama Bear, I can't get over how cats do such similar things! I'm laughing at Spike on the high bookcase because Casper loves to sleep on top of a wardrobe that we have in our sunroom at the back of the house. In fact all the cats take a turn up there. Whenever I can't find Casper I remember to look up there and if I'm lucky I'll just see the tips of his ears high atop the wardrobe and know he is sleeping happily.

Happy World Cat Day to you and yours :-)

MTVA said...

You take the nicest pictures! Buthen your cats are so beautiful, that probably helps a little bit!

Also, I loved your previous post with cat and dog - what sweeties they are!