Friday, August 13, 2010

Can't you see that I am busy?

Sebastian has been caught in the middle of a grooming session....he stops with tongue in mid air, waits until the camera is put down again and then goes back to work. Of the three cats, Sebastian has the softest fur, which glistens when he stands in the sunlight. We can never get him to stand long enough to be brushed but he does seem to do a decent job on his own. The one strange habit he has (never observed in any of our other cats) is a slight drool when he is curled up with younger son. Usually he cuddles up to younger son's arm in the late evening during study time...and shortly after we hear younger son grumbling when Sebastian lets a little drool fall on bare skin!
PS For those of you who come over from the Friday Ark to view, please check out for a feature on our furry boys provided by Wendy (a wonderfully creative cat lover with a great sense of humor!)


CCL Wendy said...

Hi Sebastian! You look so cute with your tongue hanging out like that. Do you taste good, too?

By the way, your LOL feature is now posted on the LOLSpot if you want to take a look. I hope you enjoy them.

Cat said...

Hi Mamabear, we were just over at Wendys and saw your gang there! Lots of funny stuff...Wendy is great :-)

Congratulations of being LOL Cats ...and an LOL woofie too!!!

ZOOLATRY said...

Hi... we saw (and met) all of you over at Wendy's LOL Spot today.
What a great group of furry boys.

Ginger Jasper said...

Hello I came to say hello. Loved your LOL spot today.. Hugs GJ x