Thursday, August 26, 2010

I am the favorite...says Angel

One of my friends was reading one of the earlier posts and asked me how I could have a favorite. "Don't you love them all?" she said. "Of course!" I replied. And I do love them all very much. But they have their own ideas on who is special for them. Sebastian is so bonded to my younger son that there is no one else in his sights. He will purr for me if I come and scratch his ears or under his chin..but if he sees younger son go by he is off like a shot, following him like a shadow. Spike is friendly to us all but he is definitely my hubby's cat. Just 10 minutes ago, Papabear saw him at the bottom of the stairs and gave him a "come hither" wave. Within a few seconds, I heard a deep rumbling purr and saw him cuddled in Papabear's arms, heading up to bed.

Angel divides his affections between hubby and me..with some love reserved for younger daughter when she visits. He will sneak onto the bed later at night and curl up on my legs. In fact, it doesn't matter to him where I am..if my legs are out, he cuddles up very quickly. The shot above is from the other night when I stretched out on the couch to watch TV. As soon as he saw the blanket being pulled up, he was on his way over. As you can see from the left side of the photo, he has a back leg up at an odd angle, as a result of pushing his body a little further forward.

He will follow me around, looking for an opportunity to have his ears and whiskers scratched and stroked. If I don't respond on a timely basis (i.e. right away!) he looks at me with those green eyes, making me feel guilty. He is the only one of the three cats who will actually stare at me for some length of time. And when he sits on my lap, being patted, he will turn his head and give me such a loving gaze. (Yes, this is the same cat that tries to bite me when I try to bring him back inside after he slips out the door!) I do feel a strong connection to this little white cat and I really hope he knows how much he is loved here. A stubborn - but very sweet natured cat….a true study in contrasts. I felt a sense of déjà vu a couple of years ago when reading one of the blogs I follow. The author had a special relationship with her Punkin during her cat’s time on earth and her descriptions of Punkin made me think of Angel several times. If you have some time to read this blog, you will find many heart warming stories (and some sadness too).


MTVA said...

Angel's sweet nature really does come thru in his photos! It's so nice that just about every person in your family has their own little Cat Shadow...Of my three cats, Alvin is the only one who really likes to snuggle with me, and he will even lick me! Virginia will permit herself to be occasionally picked up and cuddled, but only for a minute or two. Jonathan will not let himself be picked up at all, but will sit or lie down nearby and enjoy some petting or brushing. They are all such unique little personalities, aren't they? And thanks for the reference to House of Many Cats, I dropped in and love it, will be back there regularly now.

Cat said...

Thanks for the link to House of Many Cats, I've put them on my reading list :-)

Interesting to read about Angel and the relationships that your cats have to certain people in the household. At our house Ben is the most overtly affectionate of all the cats and will curl up in a tight ball in the crook of my arm purring and kneading into my warms my heart so when he does this!