Saturday, August 14, 2010

Spike and Girly enjoying the fresh air

The inspiration for these photos came from Cat's beautiful photo of her Casper (white cat, red geraniums...but you really have to go and look at this photo ). Every once in awhile, Papabear will put the harness on Spike and bring him out for some fresh air in the front yard. He is the only cat that will put up with a harness...the other two wriggle around desperately trying to get out of anything that we put on so it doesn't turn out to be much fun for them (or us).
Girly is quite good at staying close by on the rare occasion we let her come out without her leash on. This time is the first time she has seen Spike outside (which tells us it must be more than 4 months since Spike's last excursion ...since that is when Girly came to live with us). These two will generally sit close by but there is always a space between. Spike does not believe in cuddling up with anyone except Papabear...and Girly spends more time stepping over cats who are in her way than she does trying to make friends. In fact, she likes to play "cop" when she hears any cat kerfuffle. The dining room window becomes hot property whenever we open it (not often in the recent 30 degree heat) and there is room for 2 cats. That is the first problem...third cat always feels left out. If Spike is the 3rd cat, he will simply shoulder his way into the mix and then the other cats at the window will hiss at him (not that he cares..even if he could hear it wouldn't stop him). If it is Spike and one other cat up there, all it takes is Spike taking a step closer to the other cat and then the hissing starts. Girly's hearing seems to be quite good because as soon as she hears the hiss, she is at attention, running to the source of the sound.


Noll's Nip said...

Hi....nice to meet you. I saw you over at Wendy's LOL Spot.

Cat said...

Hi Mamabear, I just love the picture of Spike and Girly outside together!

Isn't it so sweet that Girly has become the moderator of any cat spats that happen. Just goes to show how sensitive she is to her surroundings and feels she should help out to ensure a harmonious household :-)

I'm glad you liked Casper's picture. I think I'm hard-pressed to take a bad photo of him (and you must find this with your boys I'm sure) because being all white, the colour of his surroundings just pop beside his fur :-)

CCL Wendy said...

Oh, the intricacies of the animal hierarchy! As you say, Girly seems to be the reFURee. She really seems to have such a lovely personality.

Spike looks gorgeous in these outdoor pictures (not that he doesn't inside).

Of my three kitties, Dante is quite used to a collar and leash in the front yard (as you do), and Domino is amenable, though we don't use one on her except to take her to the vet. Our Dylan is just like your Angel and Sebastian -- a regular bucking bronco!