Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Why do the good ones get away?

By good ones...I mean good photo opportunities. Over the past week we have seen several potential shots for the blog and as soon as one of us headed for the camera, the cat (or cats) quickly scattered! We have a large ficus tree that has just been relocated by the front door, just behind a chair. A couple of days ago, Spike was stretched up on the back of the chair, trying to hook one of the smaller branches with his big paw, while Angel sat comfortably on the seat of the chair. I haven't even finished telling Papa Bear he should go get the camera, when Spike realized he was being observed and he jumped down quickly, knowing he wasn't supposed to be anywhere close to the tree. (The tree is generally off limits to our cats since they like to chow down on a leaf or two and then leave it for us in a slightly different form somewhere else in the house!)

The second potential shot was a somewhat tense Angel perched on a narrow wooden ledge with Sebastian balancing carefully just behind him (almost the reverse of the shot of the two of them on the window).

And then...my favorite pose..which I have only see once before. Spike, on the small bookcase by the kitchen counter, just getting ready to step up...and Sebastian (AKA "scaredy cat") on the counter on his way down...and a brief nose sniffing by each without a hiss on Sebastian's part. The latter is very surprising because Sebastian has a very wide personal space...and quickly lets both the other cats and the woofie know that he does not like any breaches of this space (spoken in "hiss" language).

We'll keep our eyes open to see if we can find a suitable photo to post this week...after all, we don't want to miss sailing with the other cats on the Friday Ark!

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Cat said...

Oh my gosh the same thing has happened to me so many times! I'm either too slow getting the camera or I'm trying to sneak up on them and they just look at me with this "you've got to be joking" expression and they take off - LOL!

Of course, because cats are SO CUTE all the time another photo op usually comes along quickly :-)