Friday, July 23, 2010

Hmmm...this doesn't look like dinner

Spike had a somewhat annoyed look on his face as he gazed into the bowl of pears. He jumped on the coffee table to get a better view of the contents of the bowl and did not seem impressed.

He will continually sniff at everything in the house, even if it isn't new. The little puffs of fur that you see on each side of his face move along with his nostrils when he is in the process of checking out what smells interesting.

Even for a cat with an incredibly good sense of smell, this bowl of pears is most disappointing since they are actually papier mache. This is pretty much the same look as the little girl visiting our house had last week when she realized they weren't real!


Cat said...

Even annoyed, Spike is so beautiful!!

MTVA said...

Those pears sure fooled me! I guess Spike is thinking "Oh how Boring. Why couldn't they be mousie fritters or something interesting???"

mamabear said...

Mousie fritters would certainly be a popular treat..but somehow I think I'd be refilling the bowl on a regular basis!