Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sebastian time sharing the window seat

A couple of weeks ago we saw a documentary about cats and dogs - and found out that cats will "time share" a location. Apparently one cat might decide to sleep in a specific place early in the day and then another cat might decide that every afternoon will be spent in that same place. Although it is difficult to spot the difference between Sebastian and Angel at 10 paces, especially if their eyes are closed, a closer look at the missing fur (frostbite from prior life on street) showed us that this was Sebastian. If you look back to the earlier photo of Spike in this same bed, you will see he covers much more of the bed!


Cat said...

Hello Furry Boys and thank you for visiting my blog. You boys are all so beautiful and yes my Casper looks like he could fit right in! I'm surprised that Spike is deaf given he has gold eyes, I was led to believe it was only blue-eyed white cats that are deaf; like Casper.

I look forward to following your adventures :-)

MTVA said...

What beautiful cats! I've just found your blog and like it very much. Now will catch up on your previous posts. Have a Purry Day, Everybody!