Wednesday, September 15, 2010

She's coming out a bit further each day.....

Fast asleep..and no worries about a camera click waking her up! She has now decided that an old office chair tucked away in the corner of the room is a comfortable sleeping spot and she is most likely to be on the chair whenever we open the door. She has willingly come over to me several times and will drape the front part of her body on my lap, waiting to be petted. It is nice to hear the soft rumble of a purr in place of the early day growls and hisses!

Day 5..and we are still "discussing" her name. Snooks sounded like a good compromise .. since I have the same distaste for the associations that go along with Snooki (I told my husband that it didn't matter that he modified the spelling to Snooky because it still sounds the same!) But there is a good chance that hubby will "accidentally" call her Snooky if we keep it a similar name. I agree with Wendy that we need a distinct feminine name for her...I like the sound of Serephina and particularly like the continuation of the S names. Younger son is suggesting Buffy (since we have Angel and Spike) but she doesn't look like a Buffy. I guess that just means more visits with her until we can agree on a name!


Erin said...

I'm on my third season of Buffy (I'm a little behind the times) and I totally didn't put it together that you had a Spike and an Angel. I like the name Drusilla, but that doesn't start with an S...her nickname could be 'Silla?

Katnip Lounge said...

Miss Kitty looks so comfy. Is there interest on the "other" side of the door?
This is pretty obvious, but how about "Sugar Pie"? All kinds of potential for fun nicknames...

CCL Wendy said...

Little Miss Kitty looks so angelic snoozing there on the chair. And how wonderful that she is coming to you for pats already!

I'll bet she's going to be a wonderful pet.

Why don't you look on the internet for names? Actually, that's how I found Serephina.

Just do a search on "Cat Names" or "Cat Names with S" if you want an "S" name.

I do think she is quite petite and feminine though, and needs something that suits that side of her.

My Domino already came with her name and I kept it because it suited her so well. I became her mama when she was a year old.

Good luck with the decision. Little kitty can't hear you anyway, so it's something that should be pleasing to you.