Saturday, September 4, 2010

Aah...the irony!

Sebastian and the woofie still dislike each other and often I have to referee when they come too close to each other. When Sebastian comes into the dining room, particularly by this window, the woofie runs out to start barking at him. If I catch her before she gets into the dining room, she will sit on the floor at the entrance, head erect and eyes staring at Sebastian. So I am sure you can already guess that Sebastian is not a relaxed cat when he heads into the dining room. Imagine our surprise when we came home from shopping today and found him fast asleep in the cat bed which actually sits on top of the woofie's travel kennel. Well...he was fast asleep until he heard the camera coming out of its case and then he slowly stretched out his legs, looking up at us with those sleepy eyes!


Cat said...

Maybe this is a sigh that Sebastion is warming to the woofie? On the other hand it could just be the lure of a comfy cat bed - LOL!

Katnip Lounge said...

Sebastian looks so comfy in his cat circle bed! We think he looks a lot like our The Baby...down to the slightly peeved expression!