Monday, September 13, 2010

Next steps

New little white gal has decided the tent is worth checking out and realized that the fleece pad inside is much more comfortable than the floor of the cat crate. We have been able to look at her more closely when she ventured outside the tent when we were in the room. She has a much shorter tail than the resident males and has short legs in comparison to the main body. This might be a disadvantage for her if she races against any of the boys in pursuit of treats or toys. Mind you, we haven't had a female cat in our house for over 15 years so perhaps we don't remember the physiology of the female cat!
At this stage, she seems a bit more confident in moving around and we are hearing less hissing and growling. My "cat whisperer" younger son actually coaxed a small purr out of her so this tells us we are heading in the right direction.
Still working on her name. Perhaps someone can mention to my hubby that Snooky really isn't a great name for a kitty ...or if he is lucky enough to get some support, maybe I'll have to change my mind!


Katnip Lounge said...

Baby steps...she'll trust you soon. How could she not? Tuna might speed things along...LOL!

My girl Cats rule the roost around here, and I'm hoping your boys will toe the line around her.

What about "Snooks"? Sort of a compromise...

Cat said...

She looks lovely even with short legs :-) I'm a little surprised that she doesn't have blue eyes since she is deaf.

Yes I agree that the ladycats are queens and she will make the boys fall into place in no time - LOL!

So happy to hear that things are progressing :-)

MTVA said...

I hope the little princess is settling in well today! My female cat, Virginia, is the Boss Lady around here, the 2 boys know she is in charge! I wonder if it will be like that at your house...

CCL Wendy said...

No, no, no! Snooky is too reminiscent of that Snooki on that show 'Jersey Shore', and she's a mess! Unfortunately, she's also a popular reality show icon at the moment, too, so the timing isn't good for that one. But of course, it's all up to you and papabear!

My Domino is short like that, with a short tail. She is definitely the most diminutive of my three cats, but it doesn't stop her from being the boss.

I have noticed this is other combinations of male and female cats, that the female comes out on top most of the time. Of course, this will take some sorting out.

It seems that your little girl has made some good strides in such a short time. Cats are very adaptable. The real problem will be introducing her to the boys.

If she is used to being an only cat, and queen of the house, it could ruffle some feathers -- perhaps Spike's?

By the way, Spike is on the LOLSpot today. He doesn't say much, but it seemed so appropriate.

CCL Wendy said...

It's me again! I couldn't stop thinking about names for this little girl. I still like Serephina as I commented in your previous post, but here's a few more to consider:


Snow Pea (We have a Sweet Pea or two in the Blogosphere, but no Snow Pea)

Lily (because lilies are white, of course)


Of course, the most important thing is that she has a loving home, Schmoo or no Schmoo!