Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spike is in a sharing mood

This is a follow up to the February 16th photos of Spike and Seumas with their own personal space staked out on the couch.  This time they are close enough that Seumas' ear is actually right on top of Spike's neck.  We know that these two are not scared of each other but they rarely get close.

Seumas is quite boisterous since he is still in puppy mode and often knocks Spike over when he gets excited, running over to get a dog treat.  Spike is usually smart enough to keep his distance when walking around the house but he has been caught in the puppy tornado a few times.

When Seumas is asleep on the dog bed in the living room, it is not unusual  to see Spike walk up to the tail end of Seumas and have a sniff. Spike then walks away with his mouth open, and a look of distaste!

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MTVA said...

What a nice picture. This would be handy to have around for the hard to get to sleep moments - just look at these cuties and you want drift off so peacefully!