Monday, March 10, 2014

Meerkat Impersonator

Spike has a good sense of balance and often rises onto his back legs into an upright position, with his front paws hanging down.  We call him the "meerkat" when he does this and we see it often.  He can hold this pose for many seconds if his interest is caught by some fascinating object that is just a little out of his reach. He is not quite in position in the first shot above, hastily taken on my cell phone camera. By the time I had lined him up for a second photo I realized why he was so interested.

My hubby usually takes some dog treats in his pocket when he takes the dogs for their day walks.  There must have been some enticing residual doggy treat smell in the pocket because Spike's interest was focused on hubby's jacket.  Spike spent a few minutes pawing at the coat pocket but couldn't quite get his nose (and mouth!) in position so eventually gave up!


Cat said...

Clever boy!!!

MTVA said...

He is a SuperSnoop meerkat!