Sunday, March 16, 2014

Do I hear spring out there? Is that a bird or 2?

When I walked by youngest son's room earlier this week I saw Sebastian reaching up onto the window blind as if there was something exciting within reach.  Of course, as I tried to sneak into the room to see what caught his interest he sat back on his haunches, but with his gaze fixed firmly outside.  I heard a few bird cheeps, then some shadows of small objects moving right to left.  Sebastian's gaze quickly followed the same flight path until he realized how close I was. Annoyed at being observed at such close quarters, he quickly jumped off the side table and made a beeline out the bedroom door.


MTVA said...

Here's a cat who likes to keep his gawking private - no sharing the view!

Mama Bear said...

He is a funny boy that way...he really doesn't like attention unless it is on his terms. He does a great impression of a rat scurrying away when we interrupt anything he is doing...but when he wants attention then we had better be ready to scratch his head or rub his ears right away!