Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A new hiding place for Spike

So this is what happens when I am away at work!  Hubby was sitting on the couch, which is right beside the bookcase, when he saw Spike casually walk by, look at the open space at the back of the shelf, and climb right in.

Other than having a prime view of hubby on the couch, I am not sure what else makes this an appealing spot. Underneath Spike is one of my work binders which can't be that comfortable.  And now there is some "floof" wafting around which I will have to capture and dispose of.  Oh well...maybe tomorrow!  


MTVA said...

They do like to tuck themselves away where they think no one can see them!

Everycat said...

We have a rule in our house. If the cat is sitting or sleeping there then the cat is comfy. We usually can't see how they can be comfy on the odd things they sleep on, but they always are!

Can't beat a good cubby hole.