Sunday, June 22, 2014

Soccer fan

Hubby is a supporter of the German soccer team whereas I, of course, support the Socceroos (Aussie team). Earlier this week he had his German soccer shirt out on the coffee table waiting for the game.  Sadie decided it would make a great cat blanket and she curled up right on top of it. As is usual with Sadie, she chooses something that isn't quite large enough for her  whole body, even if she sticks her little nose as far into her chest as she can!

I guess, in her own way, she was keeping me company as I waited for the game to start.  I was on the chair right beside her so she could have had much more room if she sat in my lap :-) but Sadie always marches to her own drummer.

1 comment:

Everycat said...

If the cat is asleep there, the cat is comfy are the rules we have here, no matter how bizarre or small the thing that Mungo is sleeping on.

Nice choice Sadie!