Sunday, June 29, 2014

Curious Cat

This is our occasional guest, Champ,getting his bearings in his new home. I laughed when I saw this photo, seeing all that curiosity oozing out of those big green eyes.  When he stayed with us, I would spend some time in the evening with him, sitting on a chair in the guest room.  I would be in the midst of reading my book, when I would feel his gaze on me. When I turned my head to look over at him, I would invariably find him sitting still as a mouse, watching me intently.
And here is that curiosity again, his head rising up over the foot of the bed, looking to see what is going on.


Everycat said...

Champ is very handsome, but I think that's the rule with all spies!

Anonymous said...

Top pic, too funny. :)

MTVA said...

What a cute cat! It must be fun to have a black cat visiting, after being used to your all-white crew. Well, they are all lovable, no matter what the fur color!